Cisco - The Data Networking Leader

Cisco offers the broadest possible portfolio of data networking products on the market today. Hands down.

In each product category, Cisco has solutions to fit the smallest business all the way up to the largest enterprise and everything else in between. With a proven platform and the best support service, Cisco is definitely the safest choice for your network infrastructure.

Cisco Networking Solutions

Switching - Cisco Catalyst

Cisco Catalyst switches are the foundation for Cisco data networks. From the smallest Catalyst 2960 range through the Catalyst 3650 range, the more functional Catalyst 3850 range to the Catalyst 45XX, 6XXX and 9X00 LAN Access Switches.

Cisco offers PoE and PoE+ on all switch ranges to fully support devices like IP Phones, wireless access points (APs) and the many IoT devices. The 2960, 3650 and 3850 switches are all stackable, which means they can be stacked to create a single managed network that can run a medium sized business. If you need more switching one of Cisco’s  modular aggregation or backbone switches can be used.

Cisco switches come in almost every conceivable configuration from 8 ports to 48 ports stackable and larger modular format , support a variety of SFP+ uplinks, power supply options depending on how much Power over Ethernet (PoE) is required.

Advanced switches like the Catalyst 3850 even include EnergyWise, a built-in wireless controller for simpler WiFi management and effective security with Flexible NetFlow, Cisco TrustSec, and MACsec encryption.

Check out all the Cisco Catalyst Switching options for your business.

Wireless - Cisco Aironet

Cisco offers a complete range of wireless access points (Aps) under the Cisco Aironet portfolio. Cisco has options for small business with Aironet 100, 300 and 500 series Access Points which support 802.11m and 802.11ac and SPS for multi-device deployments.

Cisco then moves up to the Aeronet 1830 and Aeronet 1850 Series APs for medium sized business that support 802.11ac Wave 2, up to 2×2 MU-MIMO support and can be managed with Cisco Mobility Express.

Finally, move up to the Cisco Aironet 2800 and Aeronet 3800 for larger organizations which add multigigabit support and more advanced security. These are designed for higher density environments.

Cisco also includes a range of outdoor antenna and  wireless controllers.


The first level of defense in protecting your network are your routers and firewalls. Whether a small teleworker gateway, connecting a branch or the main access/egress for your head office, routers are critical.

Cisco offers the broadest router portfolio on the market. Cisco took the market by storm when it introduced the first Integrated Services Router (ISR) that allowed the router to even run wireless, UC and other applications on a single platform.

Cisco Meraki has now taken this to another level offering a single ‘box’ solution that can be cloud managed – including Next Gen Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, Content Filtering  and Malware Protection.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The term BYOD came into our vocabulary a few years back to define the ability of staff or guests to bring their own mobile devices into your office and be allowed to gain access, securely, to your network.

In the past, setting up guests was troublesome. Either limiting their access or time consuming to manage. Yet becomes absolutely necessary in this new world of work.

Newer wireless networks simplify that process. Setting up predefined SSIDs with all the necessary security in the form of 802.1X RADIUS authentication as well as an open guest network.

IoT - Internet of Things

A buzz word, yes, but real enough today as almost every electrical and electronic device can and is wirelessly enabled. We are not just talking laptops, tablets and phones but things like power control, sensors, lighting or security cameras. The more devices, the more the possibility of network congestion, security holes and the challenge to ensure each devices is set up properly.

Fortunately new data networks provide tools to speed up the roll out of these devices and to provide a simple network management. Cisco Meraki provides a single, simple browser based view of everything on your network, how much bandwidth and what type of data is being used.

With built-in technologies such as band steering, per-user bandwidth limits, Layer 7 application traffic shaping, and cloud-assisted RF optimization you can maximize performance in the most challenging RF environments.