Next Gen Workforce Optimization

The integrated Calabrio ONE software suite is a workforce optimization (WFO) solution that includes call recording, call monitoring, quality management, workforce management and analytics that empower contact centers of all sizes. Optimize agent performance, liberate the data and provide true insight into the voice of your customer.

Call Recording & Monitoring

Calabrio Call Recording is the basis for workforce optimization, provides up to 100 percent call recording that allows contact centers to capture, log, archive, and retrieve calls quickly and efficiently as well as monitor calls and view screen activity in real-time.

Quality Management

Workforce optimization is enhanced through Calabrio Quality Management which keeps supervisors on top of customer satisfaction by allowing supervisors and agents to review and assess performance levels of individuals and teams.

Workforce Management

Calabrio Workforce Management, including revolutionary Dynamic Scheduling, provides the right tools to forecast trends, develop schedules and track key performance indicators. With Calabrio Workforce Management, schedulers remain in control of schedules and staffing levels.

Customer Experience

Understanding customer behaviour is highly valuable. One resource of great customer information is the contact center – assuming it is being tracked.  As the contact center transforms, it becomes even more strategically important as part of the entire customer journey. An opportunity to  deliver a great customer experience that drives future business.

It’s also emerging as a goldmine for consumer insights. The secrets to attracting, retaining and growing customers have been buried in millions of calls, emails, texts, tweets and chats. Calabrio offers the technology you need to capitalize on it all. Deliver amazing customer experiences and uncover transformational insights.

Flexible Delivery Models

Moving to the cloud shouldn’t mean sacrificing functionality, and keeping data on-premises shouldn’t force you to give up accessibility. The Calabrio ONE suite—including call recording, quality management, workforce optimization, workforce management and customer analytics—was built from the ground up to deliver the same transformative features and functionality in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid environment. Deploy multiple solutions via a single platform, choosing your deployment model and integrating with best-of-breed technologies to create a WFO solution customized to fit the needs and requirements of your organization.

Workforce Engagement

Engagement and Results Linked

Compelling evidence links employee engagement with outcomes that matter to every organization—customer loyalty, revenue generation, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and retention of high-performing employees. Calabrio ONE offers unique features that extract the best possible performance from your contact center employees. No matter how complex your offerings or your customer base may be, Calabrio ONE provides your team with access to intelligent tools that enable them to deliver measurably better performance at a lower cost.

Engagement Increases Profit

The contact center is often the last line of defense in customer retention. The need to attract and retain high-caliber employees is intensifying. Workforce engagement management (WEM) is emerging as a powerful new way to elevate and sustain the customer experience. In fact, studies show that even a 5% increase in employee engagement in the contact center can drive 3% incremental gains in revenue.

Increase Employee Retention

Immediate feedback is one of the top drivers of employee satisfaction and retention. Calabrio ONE enables managers to create a real-time feedback loop with call center agents, ensuring the entire contact center—even top performers—continues to evolve skills and performance. Agents can view evaluations as they are completed and make real-time adjustments to their performance.