AVST CX-E: Unified Messaging, Unified Applications

AVST are renowned for creating the most interoperable communications solutions to the market. For over 35 years, AVST have created solutions that integrate with all PBX or telephone systems. AVST have evolved their unified messaging system to a true unified applications platform.

For customers struggling to determine how to update older systems from Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, Mitel and others, to add unified communications, AVST CX-E Premise platform might be the best  fit. AVST CX-E unified applications include automated attendant, secure voice messaging, unified messaging, fax, mobile client, speech-enabled personal assistant, call center, IVR, and notification. Put it all together and you have mission-critical UC applications that enhance any telephony system.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Communications Infrastructure

Secure Voice Messaging

AVST delivers secure voice messaging for highly regulated industries – from healthcare, education, and government to the largest global enterprises. AVST calls on its 35 years of experience developing UC software applications, to simplify migration of traditional voicemail systems to secure voice messaging.

AVST ensures secure voice messaging whether in the office or on the go with a secure mobile client.

With AVST secure voice messaging private voice messages cannot be forwarded internally or externally. Voice messages are streamed from the mobile client and not retained on the mobile device and the administrator has the ability to revoke access to the mobile client at any time.  AVST restricts web client message streams so copies are not retained or forwarded externally.

Users will receive voice messages via encrypted email (TLS). AVST supports secure RTP and strong password enforcement.

Single Number Reach

The average number of devices that we carry is 3.5. On top of that, there are several ways we can be reached; work number, mobile number and sometimes home number. With Single Number Reach you only hand out one contact number and you let the system find you.

Single Number Reach also helps you maintain and manage one corporate voicemail box, rather than multiple mailboxes. AVST CX-E makes it easy to manage communications through your business voice infrastructure to deliver your calls where you want, when you want, and on the device of your choice.

Unified Messaging

AVST CX-E unified messaging builds on a platform industry analysts have consistently rated as best-of-breed in the marketplace. First, CX-E unified messaging integrates with multiple email systems (premise-based and public cloud) including Microsoft Outlook and Office 365, Google Gmail and any IMAP4 compliant email system.  It also supports multiple email servers simultaneously

AVST CX-E integrates email, voicemail, and fax into a single view with access via mobile device, email client, web interface, speech or DTMF telephone.  There are flexible storage model options to meet organizations security, compliance, and confidentiality needs; Server-based unified messaging, Client-based unified messaging, Secure unified messaging and Simplified unified messaging

Other features include Voicemail-to-Text (3rd party service), Text-to-Speech and localized desktop clients

Personal Assistant

Always thought it would be great to have a Siri or Alexa type application to make your business life more effective? AVST’s Personal Assistant might be the answer. Personal Assistant uses a speech recognition engine to let you make voice commands to manage your messages, calendar, calls and availability from anywhere — even while driving.

It’s available in English and Canadian French.

Secure Mobile Applications

Mobile support for staff on the road, at home or at a client’s office is one of the biggest drivers for unified communications. AVST’s Mobile Client turns any Android or iPhone into your very own personal assistant. AVST’s Mobile Client helps you manage your calls, messages, contacts, availability and preferences.

With greater mobility comes a greater security risk. With AVST’s Mobile Client, business data is not stored on the device. All business data is stored on the application servers behind your firewall.

Visual Call Screening

How do we determine which calls need immediate assistance? Rather than automatically ringing your mobile phone, AVST’s Mobile Client first delivers visual identification of the incoming call so when you’re in a meeting or unavailable to speak you can identify who is calling and determine how best to manage the call.

AVST’s Mobile Client allows you to accept the call, record your conversation, take a message, send the caller a personal message explaining why you can’t talk, or transfer the call to another device or another person.

Automated Attendant

AVST offers the most sophisticated and flexible  speech and DTMF automated attendant. AVST allows outside callers to quickly and easily access information without human intervention.  All of AVST’s 35 years experience goes into the broadest set of attendant  features.

AVST CX-E offers Directories, that allow callers to look up the person by extension or the first few characters of the person’s name. With speech recognition this can be extended to groups or departments. Individual users have the ability to screen a call, getting the caller to speak their name and accepting or rejecting or block the transfer of calls from the automated attendant – sending the caller to message taking mode.

Callers can queue, if the called party was not available or the company can create announcement mailboxes, playing a recorded message to callers. CX-E can also identify faxes and route them specifically or store and forward.

AVST CX-E’s range of automated attendant capabilities make it the most complete and flexible on the market, and a reason to look at the AVST CX-E by itself.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

For some organizations, creating a faster way for customers to access information can be to implement Interactive Voice Response or IVR. With IVR you can offload and automate high frequency tasks traditionally managed by individuals. By directly pulling information from popular data sources such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, AVST can automate processes and deliver 24/7 access to information.

UCConnect® is a CX-E module that supports custom voice applications, including full-featured Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities. UCConnect applications provides access to the messaging and call processing engines of CX-E from within the created applications. Custom voice applications can be implemented very easily and economically.


For organizations with older PBX or telephone systems AVST CX-E could be the perfect way of jumping into next generation unified communications.

Immediately support mobile workers with secure applications without having to upgrade or replace the existing telephone system.

Go mobile within weeks not months.

Save money with single number reach and automated attendant.

Perfect Callpilot Replacement

Many organizations in Canada relied on Avaya (Nortel) CallPilot voice messaging systems.

CallPilot utilized Microsoft NT and Microsoft Windows Server 2003. Microsoft ended support for Windows Server 2003 on June 14th, 2015 (Window NT support ended December 31st, 2004.)

Avaya announced the  End-of-Manufacture Support for Software on June 30, 2016 and Hardware on  June 30, 2018.

If your organization is looking for a way to replace the discontinued CallPilot without having to replace the phone system right now, the best choice would be AVST CX-E; market leading capabilities in the most interoperable solution.

Buy What You Need

AVST CX-E offers a wide variety of capabilities. At first this may be a challenge to contemplate and roll out.

The CX-E platform is modular allowing you to choose from many UC applications.

Start with Automated Attendant or Secure Voice Messaging and then add single number reach.