Avaya Partner in Customer Excellence

Unity Connected Solutions is proud to be the only Avaya Partner in Customer Excellence for enterprise partners in Canada.

The designation means a lot for Unity customers and here’s why.

Avaya sets exacting standards for its business Partners to continue to design, install and maintain Avaya solutions. These standards are higher for Partners with the highest accreditation – in this case Diamond level – which makes sense. Unity Connected Solutions is a Diamond Partner. These standards include a minimum number of sales, engineering and technicians who maintain their credentials across each of the core Avaya portfolio. For example, Unified Communications, Contact Center and Video Conferencing.

These are Avaya centric requirements.

Partner in Customer Excellence is a measure of applying that Avaya knowledge along with our core values of being a great partner for our customers. A true Trusted Advisor.  It is based on being able to maintain a 95% or greater level of customer excellence through a rigorous customer satisfaction survey. Which is no small feat and the reason we are the only Diamond Partner in Canada who has met this target for several years.

This is a measure of customer centricity.

Customer Excellence

While Partner in Customer Excellence is associated to our credentials and accreditation it is a separate designation.

In fact, for those Partners with the designation it allows them to stand out and above other partners with the same accreditation. While there are several other Diamond Partners in Canada only Unity Connected Solutions have met the exacting requirements to be a Partner in Customer Excellence several times including the last two years in a row.


Unity is not just an Avaya accredited Partner but we are a Diamond Partner, which is Avaya’s highest designation. To reach this level we have to show proficiency in designing, implementing and maintaining customer solutions. This requires a minimum number of staff in each role who have received the appropriate product credentials.

In addition, we are required to reach a minimum customer satisfaction score each year.

Finally, it requires we sell enough of each product every year. While this helps meet Avaya’s financial goals for us it also ensures we are working with the product at a sufficient level to ensure we have enough expertise.


All Unity employees who touch an Avaya solution must be accredited. Avaya maps out a course of training for every product for each role in an organization from Sales, Engineering, Install Technicians and Maintenance Technicians. This includes updating credentials on an annual or bi-annual basis.

Each year, Unity staff take over 500 different training courses to ensure our staff have the appropriate credentials to work at the highest level for our customer’s Avaya implementations.

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