Avaya Equinox Experience

Unified Communications has not taken off as expected as it often forced people to change the way they worked and not the other way around. With Avaya Equinox, Avaya is redefining unified communications to fit the way you work.

Avaya Equinox puts Unified Communications into the applications, browsers and devices that you use in your work day. Unified Communications just got simpler, seamless, in context and defined by you, the user.

Next Gen Conferencing

Avaya Equinox makes conferencing a cost-cutting, ultra-productivity tool.

  • High-scale audio, HD video
  • Flexible, virtualized deployment
  • Anywhere/everyone access

Next Gen Experience

Avaya Equinox simplifies communications and optimize productivity with a single, easy, contextual interface.

  • Across apps, browsers devices
  • Always on messaging
  • Audio and video conferencing

Next Gen Productivity

With Avaya Equinox  innovative management and messaging features you can increase mobile productivity.

  • One-click access
  • Top-of-mind screen
  • Multimedia messaging modes

Built for Mobile Users

Mobile devices define how we work today, whether on the road or even in the office, we use our smart phones, tablets and laptops to get things done.

With Avaya Equinox, all communications are in one place, so you can quickly see meetings, messages, communications history. Take immediate action with one touch. Even on mobile, there’s zero compromise: HD video and voice deliver clarity. Remote access works without VPN connectivity. Voice and video are reliable and secure on any device, anywhere. Telephony features include one-number reach. And multiple devices can be used simultaneously when needed. Optimized to the device – mobile, tablet, browser, desktop – the experience enables additional capabilities while maintaining mobile simplicity.

From Desktop to Browser

With so much of what we do on the web, Avaya Equinox lets you continue to communicate and collaborate, without leaving your browser.

WebRTC technology delivers robust collaboration within HTML5 browsers with zero downloads or plug-ins. Shift desktop business applications to the cloud and get a best-in-class browser experience with full collaboration capabilities. Our virtual meeting room model offers rich capabilities like group video, audio conferencing, and web collaboration.

Simpler, Single Solution

No more learning different applications to collaborate with colleagues and customers. Avaya Equinox provides a single platform that supports all the different modes of conferencing. High-scale audio conferencing, extensive web collaboration,  multi-vendor HD video and even event streaming to 100,000 users in an all-in-one software solution. Users have one login and one easy solution to learn. IT has one solution to support with one set of statistics, single provisioning, and a smaller footprint with higher efficiency and lower costs.

Always On Collaboration

Today’s always-on business world requires an always-on collaboration solution. With Avaya Equinox you can send and access team messages in real time, or on your time. Access always-ready multimedia messaging for text, audio, video, images and files. Start the conversation on your desktop and transparently move it to your mobile. For the ultimate in efficient team interaction, you can even message people who are offline, and use one-click escalation to a call or conference.

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