Aura Alliance

Unity Connected Solutions is the ONLY member of the Aura Alliance in Canada. We can help you with your global communication strategy from one point of contact. We offer an array of leading technology vendors across 120 countries. Our solutions can be scaled to match the needs of multi-national business, no matter how big or how complex.

Through the Aura Alliance, Unity have helped countless customers to support their locations both inside and outside Canada. We have the global resources needed to ensure your multi-national communication system performs to consistent service levels. Wherever and however quickly your business expands, we can help you extend your communications network with ease.

Introducing the Aura Alliance

The Aura Alliance is the leader in global UC solutions, we provide tailored solutions with expert support, all managed centrally. We brought together more than 60 industry-leading business providers – including Unity Connected Solutions – to provide a single, global service spanning over 120 countries.

What do you get with an Aura Alliance Partnership?

Aura Alliance partners are industry leaders in the markets they serve. They have the highest accreditation with a number of leading-vendors like Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft and many more. to provide comprehensive UC solutions to business in every location around the world.


Get the right service tailored for each location, led by a local project manager and delivered by the best local service providers.


Meet your organisation’s geographical requirements by putting the right people in the right places at the right time.


Our solutions are flexible, scalable and vendor agnostic, and you can choose to manage your billing centrally or locally, facilitating procurement.


Leverage global buying power and reduce costs and fastest delivery. Exports are fully controlled, in accordance with local laws and regulations.

Shared culture, shared knowledge, shared principles, this means that the solution will be designed, deployed and supported by partners that pride not only their skills, but their honesty and integrity too.

We understand global business. We can help you purchase and deploy in the most tax efficient way.

We make deploying and supporting your technology easier and more cost effective while offering an unequalled customer experience.

Let us help solve your International location challenges

If you have locations in more than one country and need a partnership to help ensure your implementations go smoothly, stay within the local country legal and tax requirements, give us a call. As an Aura Alliance member, Unity Connected Solutions can help you draw upon the experience of hundreds of members with capabilities in over 120 countries.