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Next-level on-site and cloud communications for enterprises and large businesses looking to radically transform their business operations. Mitel's game-changing solutions include phone systems, video collaboration applications and contact center solutions that drive results. Welcome to the world of seamless communications.

The Mitel Portfolio We Offer

Mitel MiVoice Connect

Mitel MiVoice Connect offers an all-in-one IP communications platform that includes unified communications and contact center capabilities. Mitel Connect, offers the most advanced, yet simple, collaboration capability of any unified communications vendor on the market today.

Its unique distributed architecture makes it ideal for organizations with several, often smaller, sites like municipalities.

Mitel MiCloud Flex

MiCloud Flex is a Premium integrated cloud communications solution in a dedicated and secure environment offering advanced customization and integrations.

Secure, with a single, dedicated instance.

Complete control over maintenance and update windows with a 99.999% SLA. High performance and efficiency for core voice. Has the full functionality of Mitel's MiVoice Business solution - in the cloud.

Mitel MiVoice Business

Mitel MiVoice Business is a comprehensive and fully integrated IP based communications solution for medium- to large-sized business and enterprise. 

Mitel MiVoice Business comes with the most exhaustive list of features and capabilities in the marketplace, for example, complete hospitality solutions.

One of the great advantages of the Mitel portfolio is the common interfaces for customers - clients, telephone handsets, contact centre and more.

Unified Communications and Collaboration

Businesses are recognizing that the tools individuals use in their personal life to connect and communicate with friends and family can also make them more productive in the office.

However, any business should be concerned with employees using insecure, off-the-shelf applications to communicate sensitive and confidential information. Mitel solves that problem by providing all the real-time and non-real-time collaboration tools you need. Mitel’s simplicity means these tools can be adopted quickly and easily by staff, with minimal IT overhead. The power of Mitel’s collaboration tools mean that employees are for more effective and productive. One of the reason’s why Nemertes rated Mitel’s overall unified communications system as the lowest to own and operate – the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. 

Mitel's MiCollab client provides employees with a single client for all communication's needs.

Businesswoman Working from home


The reality of the current business landscape is that work often takes employees away from their desks, and their desk phone, each day.

With Mitel, employees are provided with access to the same “in-office” communications experience from anywhere with a single identity, phone number, voice mailbox, and extension.

Mitel’s embedded mobility solutions deliver employees greater freedom to communicate from wherever their business takes them, without the burden
of escalating mobility costs. Mitel offers a full range of Dynamic Extensions, Hot Desking and TeleWorker solutions.

Unified Messaging

Unified Messaging enables your employees to respond faster to clients and colleagues through single message storage and access. With MiVoice Business your employees have anywhere, anytime access to messages with an integrated, fully-featured voice mail system, that provides unified messaging and automated attendant capabilities.

Mitel’s unified communication platforms offer entry-level embedded voice mail solutions that provide cost effective voice and unified messaging solutions.

For more size and sophistication Mitel offers its Mitel’s MiCollab solution. MiCollab Unified Messaging is available on both physical and virtual deployments and offers a full-featured and flexible unified messaging solution with a low total cost of ownership.

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Mitel Contact Centre

MiVoice Business’s fully integrated contact center solution can assist your business with the delivery of excellent customer service that helps nurture relationships and ensure operational efficiency. Mitel supports the following management, reporting, and advanced routing solutions as well.

Mitel enables previously stand-alone contact center functions, including ACD, IVR, outbound campaigns, and multimedia routing, to be integrated onto a single, centrally web managed, platform.

Supervisors and agents are connected to the Mitel Connect platform via intuitive user interfaces that provide the tools they need to deliver superior customer service. Mitel has versions for small and mid-size business as well as Enterprises.

Full Range of Desktop Devices and Applications

Mitel has the most comprehensive range of IP Desktop devices, accessories and room systems. From affordable entry-level IP phones to rich media information devices, MiVoice 5300 and 6900 Series have the right communications solutions for your employees. MiVoice Desktop Peripherals offer additional enhancements including  the Mitel IP DECT Stand and DECT Handset that provides employees personal mobility.

MiVoice meeting room solutions make it easier for your employees to engage in the kind of productive collaboration that helps drive innovation. MiVoice meeting room solutions enable you to extend effective conferencing and collaboration throughout your entire business.

Mitel also offers both hard-button attendant/receptionist consoles that looks like a phone and a completely PC-based solution that provides the ability to view and change employee presence status.

Core Benefits of Mitel

Easy to Implement

Like all of Mitel’s unified communications solutions, Mitel Collaboration is a “plug-and-play” software solution integrated with Mitel’s core IP Phone System. Simply install the Mitel Collaboration application (either embedded in Mitel’s solid-state Collaboration Service Appliance or installed on your industry-standard x86 server) and your team is ready to go.

Once installed, application administration is a breeze, as it is with all Mitel IP phone solutions. Users, features and permissions are managed through Mitel Director, a “single-image” control center for all Mitel business phone systems. No other UC vendor streamlines and simplifies system administration like Mitel. Mitel eliminate’s the complexity of multiple “solution silos” that require different logins, preferences and protocols for each UC application or location. And the resilience and reliability of Mitel’s core platform is second to none. We work hard to make your administration easy.

Easy to Use

Your employees will find Mitel Collaboration’s advanced features incredibly intuitive to use. It only takes one click to launch instant messaging and conference calling from within Mitel Communicator, the same client software that manages call handling for Mitel IP Phone System. Mitel’s integration with Microsoft Outlook® streamlines the process by scheduling phone calls and web collaborations on the calendar and emailing attendees link information with the touch of a button.

For additional convenience, end-users can also use the Web to access conference and desktop share controls, and “on-the-go” employees can use the Mitel Collaboration app for full features on mobile devices. Whether on the road or working from home, workers can always stay engaged in meetings right from their computer, iPhone® or iPad.


With Mitel you can choose which solution best fits your organization. From on-premise to cloud. From single to distributed architecture. All supported by collaboration clients, contact centre and unified messaging. Microsoft's applications can be deployed on a Mitel hardware appliance controller, Server or software to be supported on your VMWare vSphere or Microsoft Hyper V deployments. 

Mitel Advanced Applications and Integrations

Create greater business efficiency by integrating your communications system into your business processes with Mitel Advanced Applications.

Mitel’s portfolio of software applications deliver on the promise of unified communications (UC) by increasing the ROI of both the Mitel UC system and a customer’s existing business applications. By tying organizational communications into core business processes, these innovative solutions increase employee productivity, shorten response times, encourage collaboration, and improve customer satisfaction. The result is a more efficient and profitable business.

Packaged offerings include automated Call Recording, Emergency Notification, Active Directory Import, and Outbound Campaign IVR as well as add-ons for Mitel Workgroups and Contact Center and integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM,, Zendesk, Sage ACT!, NetSuite CRM, Copitrak, Equitrac, and many others. Software integration boosts organizational productivity, enhance organization’s crucial communication with safety benefits from internal notification when emergency calls are placed on the Mitel system.

Mitel Advanced Applications

  • Call Recorder
  • System Directory and Synchronization
  • Nuisance Call Handler App
  • Active Directory (AD) Import App
  • Call Router
  • Emergency Notification App
  • Phone Use Scheduler Application
  • Outbound Campaign IVR App
  • Transfer to Prompt Application“Do Not Call” Integration Application (part of the Cost Recovery Integration Application)
  • Multi-Super Group Application
  • Voice Forms IVR Application
  • Schedule Based Routing (“On Call Router”) Application
  • Web Dialer
  • Application Dialer ('App Dialer')
  • Enhanced Paging Application
  • BCA (Bridged Call Appearance) Call Hold Monitor

Mitel Contact Centre Advanced Applications

  • Call Recorder
  • Contact Center Agent Activity Event Feed Web Service
  • Contact Center Agent Alert
  • Contact Center Agent Dashboard
  • Contact Center Email Alert Service
  • Mitel for
  • Mitel for Salesforce™ Connector for Contact Center IVR
  • Mitel For Salesforce™ Call Reporting Service
  • Mitel for Zendesk
  • Contact Center Instant Override Message
  • Mitel Custom Reports
  • Mitel real-time Workgroup Monitor Application
  • Mitel Report Scheduler Application

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