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Team Engagement for Any Size Organization

Team engagement is key to great business performance

Microsoft have been reinventing the employee experience with Microsoft 365. Employees can connect anytime and anywhere using Microsoft Teams as their single communications hub.

Microsoft 365 brings much more than the Office apps we know and love. Now you can engage with each other on Microsoft Teams video calls, save and share files as well as co-editing them.

All with a safe, secure and reliable cloud platform. 

Communications and Collaboration

We are communications and collaboration specialists. When Microsoft added Teams to its Office 365 platform, we immediately saw how this was going to change the world of business communications and collaboration.

A cloud delivered, subscription based solution that merged office productivity apps, with calendaring, file storage and sharing and with Teams, the ability to work as a group around using Teams.

As customers embarked on their Office 365 journey they were going to need help adding voice and working out how to migrate from their existing voice and contact centre solutions. With our deep expertise in this area, we can help you.

Work Anywhere - Work from Home

With ubiquitous Wifi, LTE and high speed networking, people are no longer wedded to their office desk. With the right tools, people can be just as productive working from home, on the road – anywhere they can access a data network. Cloud delivered apps mean you don’t have to battle with complex VPNs to access dedicated company servers. With Microsoft’s security, your data and access is safe.

Cloud also means you are always up to date. New updates can be made available to all users as soon as they are available. And by connecting them all together, you get far more out of each tool than they could deliver on their own. Processes can be simply built on top of the tools already in place.

Businesswoman Working from home

Voice/PSTN Enabling Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 provides all the communications tools your employees needs - except one - connectivity to the PSTN to make calls in and out of Microsoft Teams. By PSTN enabling Microsoft Teams, organizations can replace their existing PBX.

Unity Connected Solution's SIP365 capability uses a Microsoft Certified Session Border Controller to bring cost effective SIP trunking into your Microsoft Teams tenant. Now Microsoft Teams can truly become your single communications and collaboration platform. 

Check the link below for more information on our dedicated Unity SIP365 website.

2 + 2 = Great idea

Contact Centre

Contact Centers are integral to many businesses’ customer experience strategy. Microsoft offers limited functionality for contact centers, even with the phone add-on license. We work with various vendors who have certified integrations with Microsoft.

Five9 comes with out of the box integration to Microsoft 365 and the most common CRM and Help Desk applications. As a cloud delivered application it can fit perfectly with Microsoft 365.

Teams Certified Devices

Microsoft 365 provides all the communications tools your employees needs - except one -

It would be a shame to have the latest and greatest collaboration tools only to find people are struggling to hear each other because they are using the laptop’s built-in speakers and microphone or a cheap and low quality USB headset. Not only that, but when you are in room based meetings, wouldn’t it be better to maximize the room experience?

We can provide a wide array of cost effective but quality headsets, desk phones, conference phones, cameras and controllers that simplify connectivity making it easy to conduct highly efficient meetings

Microsoft Certified Yealink Handsets

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