Managed Services



Your business relies on applications to run efficiently and effectively. In turn, those applications rely on your IT infrastructure working at its best.

As voice applications have migrated to VoIP, managing voice systems has become more complex. Even for older digital (TDM) systems it is hard to find staff who can effectively monitor and manage those systems.

Unity Managed Services let you focus on what is most important to your business, while we focus on the day-to-day operational management and support of your IT infrastructure.

Our managed services provide the greatest flexibility in supporting your IT systems; scalable, Canadian, fixed monthly fees.

Most important – Unity Managed Services come with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that define exactly what you will receive. No guessing. No surprises!


Unity Managed Voice

Voice applications like telephony, unified communications and contact centres are essential for staff and customer engagement.

Good communication tools should be seamless and invisible. Real-time applications like telephony, unified communications and contact centres are sensitive to changes. Always-on monitoring and management ensures these key business tools run efficiently.

If your team IT team is stretched or you do not have voice specialists on staff, Unity’s Managed Voice services could be the answer.

Unity Managed Voice is a suite of 5 services that can fill the gaps of any IT organization. Offering Remote Monitoring, Patch Management, System Backups, MACs and even Carrier Management all offered at a fixed monthly fee.

Unity Managed Network Infrastructure

Network infrastructure is dynamic as IT addresses the ever changing needs of the business. To keep ahead of the competition, business leaders are demanding faster deployments of new technology. This stresses IT’s ability in so many ways.

How can you ensure those changes do not affect the network infrastructure or find the time to monitor, manage and patch? One way is to deploy Unity Managed Network Infrastructure. A managed service designed to offload the day to day support for servers, switches, routers, firewalls and access points that are the core of your infrastructure.

Unity Managed VoIP Monitoring

All new telephone systems are based on VoIP (Voice over IP) today. Whether you currently own a VoIP based system or are looking to migrate your old TDM (digital) telephone system you should be considering how you will monitor voice quality.

Voice communication is very sensitive to the dynamic changes of a data network that create latency (delay), jitter (variable delay) or the use of quality protocols that drop packets. End users hear pops, fizzles, delayed speech, one way speech and even dropped calls. Because this happens intermittently and appears to be random, it is difficult to track the root cause.

Unity Managed VoIP Monitoring offers the tools that let you quickly identify the problems with any poor quality call. It can even identify trends and warn IT before a problem happens.

Don’t let the move to VoIP cause increased end user aggravation – implement a VoIP monitoring solution.