Secure and Reliable

It’s normal to have concerns about a key business application being housed elsewhere. Often overlooked is the fact that many business applications today are cloud based  and delivered via the internet to your staff.

The reality is that data centres used for housing cloud applications are far more secure, reliable and redundant than most businesses ‘data centres’ or server rooms. With recent natural disasters like floods and ice storms many businesses were without power or had their communications systems damaged by a flood. If their core communications systems had been in the cloud, they would still have been able to operate on other premises and key communications technology would have been available to help manage through the disaster, keeping in touch with employees and customers alike.

Data Center Security

The most basic consideration would be the power and cooling for the data centre; Redundant power sources with generator backup ensures that the application will always be running, with a generator capacity to run for 10 days.

Then we have to consider network ingress and egress. After all, the application must be able to connect with the outside world to provide your service. In this case the data centre has quadruple redundant connections to North American SIP Carriers – each on a separate network.

Next we need to consider the security of the application. Elastic and scalable firewalls and VPN servers protect each VMWare host, along with redundant Session Border Controllers.

Key items associated with ensuring a Hosted IP Office is reliable and secure

  • Hardware based Ingress and Egress Protection
  • Elastic and Scalable Firewalls and VPN Servers on every VMWare Host
  • Highly Available redundant Session Border Controllers in each Data Center
  • Highly Available redundant SAN’s in each Data Center
  • Quadruple Redundant North American SIP Carriers on separate networks
  • 30+ International SIP Carriers on separate networks
  • Multiple Private Connectivity Options
  • Connectivity to Multiple Tier 1 Providers w/ Extensive Peering Capabilities
  • AT&T 1Gb MPLS into NYC and LA
  • Multiple Points of Entry (POEs)
  • Public, Private and Hybrid Customer Configurations
  • Each Customer built in their own virtualized environment
  • Tier III-rated, SSAE16 HIPAA Compliant
  • N+1 Power w/ 10 Days Standby Diesel for Generators
  • N+1 Cooling Configuration
  • N+1 Public Connectivity Options
  • Network Engineers on site in our Data Centers
  • Customer access to our Three Tier Monitoring

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