Scalable and flexible


One of the single, biggest advantages of Hosted IP Office is that it is a completely scalable solution.
Traditional telephone systems installed on your premises come in different size packages. Each manufacturer tries to optimise the size of the system to be cost effective in each size segment. So the customer has to make a decision on a system based on their growth projections. Too big and they will have spent more than they needed; too small and they will outgrow their system and leave stranded assets as they purchase yet another system.

It is this unknown which is challenging – and why a hosted or cloud solution that doesn’t burden the customer with that decision is the best way forward.

Hosted IP Office scales all the way up to 3,000 users, which covers the bulk of businesses in Canada.

As a customer, you only pay for the number of people using the system on a monthly basis. If, for example, you need to scale up by adding 10 more staff, simply order the 10 additional sets and 10 ‘seats’ and your next monthly payment will go up by 10 seats. No changing hardware platforms. No waiting for more equipment or different common equipment to be installed on site, ordering more lines from the Telco and so on.


Just as challenging is the ability to support more than one location. Especially when a mix of sizes or separated over a wide distance.

Traditional telephone systems are standalone systems. They can be inter-connected but this can be costly, requiring dedicated lines. IP based Telephone systems can connect multiple sites over a data network. It also means more emphasis is placed on that core IP Telephone system. Will it have all the redundancies – system, power, cooling, network access, etc – to ensure it will be reliable enough to support the entire corporate telephone network?

A cloud system provides the flexibility without the company having to incur the costs to ensure a fully reliable and redundant core system.
Adding sites is as simple as adding users at each location. Local lines can be added if needed. But the core system is protected in a Tier 3, fully redundant data centre – included in the price.

The beauty is that it will act as one unified communications system to everyone – no matter where they are located. It could even be in another country. The same dial plan, the same features and if using the advanced collaboration capabilities, presence and instant messaging.