Budget-Friendly and Predictable

CFOs love the idea of a predictable budget. It makes planning simpler. It makes managing the budget easier. Even if the company is expected to grow the ability to accurately predict those incremental costs based on employee growth is a big help.

A cloud platform like Hosted IP Office brings predictability to your budget.

The fee structure is simple. There are two types of user – A standard Telephony User or a UC (Unified Communications User) – determine how many of your staff are Telephony Users and how many are UC Users and you have your monthly fee.

All-in Fee

With Hosted IP Office your monthly fee includes all the lines connected at the host and 500 pooled minutes per user month of Local and North American Long Distance. No longer do you budget for these separately.

Pooled minutes allow you to share your calling costs over all staff. If you have 100 users, you now have combined 50,000 pooled minutes of calling each month.

Any calls between users on the same system, even if located in different offices, are not LD calls anymore; simply station to station calls. A further budget savings.

The only hardware that needs to be purchased are the telephones. By standardizing on specific set types, businesses can predict exactly how much they will spend each month, including any new staff.

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