Call Quality

You may have looked or even used other cloud phone systems and are considering Flexfone. Flexfone’s simplicity, flexibility and affordability make it a great choice for your business and now you want to know how we ensure you can call your customers with confidence.

There are two key elements to designing a cloud telephone system to work at the highest level, using an Internet based connection and using data connectivity between our Hosted Data Centres.

Managed Internet

One method is to use a Managed Internet solution. Yes, we can connect to your premises via a ‘public’ Internet connection like other providers do, but we also offer a higher level of connectivity with our Managed Internet.

With a Managed Internet connection, we provide, install and configure the router. It is set up to create a ‘private’ connection over the public Internet, directly to our Data Center. With this, we can ‘tag’ the packets leaving your site such that they will not be subject to other carrier’s congestion control techniques.

Many carriers, when their network gets busy or overloaded, use a technique that essentially just drops data packets that are not marked in such a way to prevent this happening. For non real-time data, such as transferring a file or an email, this will not cause a problem. The ‘protocols’ used to transfer the file will know this, and resend the missing packets. The ‘protocol’ waits for all the packets sent (even if out of order) and rebuilds the original file.

However, for voice traffic, this can be problematic. Because voice is a real-time application, we cannot wait for missing packets to be resent. Imagine someone is talking and then there is a gap as we wait for packets to be resent and then passed on to you. It would be pretty disruptive, so voice calls don’t do this. But it can mean calls with noise, popping sounds or other ‘artefacts’ caused by packets.

In addition to tagging the packets so they won’t be dropped, we can mark them for Quality of Service or QoS. We manage the sending of the packets to reduce delay, ensure no variability in delay (jitter), etc. All this leads to a high quality telephone call.

What if I opt for a standard Public Internet connection?

Well, it will still work. If there is no network congestion and if they delays across the Internet are not significant, you will not notice any real difference. At the same time, we have no ability to manage that connection. So if the network does have problems, you will be affected. And generally there are peak times in the day that can happen.

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