Flexfone: A ‘future-proofed’ Telephone System

As a small business owner, one of the biggest challenges is finding time to actually run your business. Technology has provided numerous benefits in letting smaller businesses look and work like larger businesses, helping level the playing field, but it can also impose a burden to acquire and manage that technology.

What happens if the system needs to be updated? What happens when the manufacturer no longer supports the system until it is upgraded to the latest version, requiring more investment to an old system? Or worse, the manufacturer has discontinued the system completely?

After all, technology changes rapidly today; so fast that it is possible it can quickly get outdated, especially the hardware.

While we may love the latest gadgets in our personal life, just look at all the people who trade in their iPhone 5s, to iPhone 6s to iPhone 7s, even though the previous model was fine and the upgrade only brings marginal improvements. But it is a different game when it comes to business technology; keeping that current can become onerous and expensive.

What if you had a telephone system that didn’t need to be upgraded? Or at least, you didn’t have to worry about it because someone else did? What if you nee had to worry about splashing out more money to upgrade hardware, servers, licenses?

That’s Flexfone.

You let us worry about keeping the system current, maintaining it, making sure that the servers are operating at peak efficiency, the data centre runs effectively, that the application is kept current – so that you can spend more time on your core business.

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