We named our Cloud based telephone system Flexfone for a reason. In working with many small business and multi-site customers, we found they needed something simpler and more flexible that solved their day to day communication problems.

I need more time to manage my business

Something we heard strongly, was the need for many business owners and managers to free up more time for their core work, their business, by reducing time making IT buying decisions and managing and maintaining equipment.

With a Cloud based telephone system, the only hardware you have to worry about are the telephone handsets – we take care of the rest. We manage and maintain the application at the data center so you can worry about managing your business.

I need to preserve my line of credit and reduce CAPEX

Many businesses are looking for ways to better manage their capital budget (CAPEX) and move it to an operational expense (OPEX).

The answer? A cloud phone system that is a paid for on a monthly per user basis.

A cloud telephone system like Flexfone offers you a flexible budget, allowing you to maximize your credit line and help manage your cash flow – things that are vitally important to a small business.

How can I choose the right system when I am growing so fast?

Are you growing fast? If so it can mean constantly buying more hardware and licenses and, even worse, throwing out gear that doesn’t expand with you.

If you select a telephone system that best fits your business now, it may not have the capacity for your future growth and need replacing.

A cloud telephone system like Flexfone is a wonderful way to manage this situation. It is based on a monthly fee, proportional to the number of users, so that you only need pay for what you need now – each month. As you grow, you add more users – no concern over being forced to upgrade your equipment at a future date.

Flexfone grows as you grow. There are no capacity limitations up or down.

My business is seasonal, with peaks and valleys

There are some businesses that will have seasonal peaks and valleys. Perhaps you need more staff in the summer or during tax season. Perhaps you are running a new campaign or project for 6 months for a customer.

In those cases, simply acquire the additional telephones that you require and call us when you need to increase the number of users. And again when you need to decrease the number of users. Simple. Flexible.