Data Networking

Next Generation Data Networking

Next-level on-site and cloud communications for enterprises and large businesses Whether we are worried about Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or the Internet of Things (IoT), they both rely on the same thing - reliable, flexible and easy to manage data networking.

We offer premise based and cloud managed data networking solutions from the leading providers Ruckus Networks, Cisco Meraki and Aruba (an HPE company.)

The Data Network Portfolio We Offer

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki Cloud Data Networking

Cisco's Meraki data networking products are all cloud-managed. This brings simplified management and ease of deployment. Cloud managed requires a recurring fee for the management license.

Cisco Meraki has a full portfolio of WiFi APs, switches, routers and firewalls.

Ruckus Networks

Ruckus Networks Logo

Ruckus Networks is the newest addition into our Data Networking portfolio. We are excited as to the expanded capabilities from Ruckus. 

Ruckus can support much higher density WiFi solutions than other vendors, important in all wireless offices. As well as rugged versions for campus and other external needs. Ruckus also offers cloud-managed solutions, including a full suite of switches.

Aruba Networks

Aruba Data Networking

We have been selling Aruba WiFi solutions into many Senior Living facilities.

Wireless Networking

It used to be all about routing and switching but in today’s mobile world, its all about wireless networking. Most devices people use in the office are mobile – laptops, tablets and smart phones and now we can connect cameras, sensors, lights and many other wireless devices.

This puts immense pressure on your WiFi solution, especially when handling the video often used with team engagement solutions like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex and more. Make sure you look to a solutions that can truly handle the higher density requirements this imposes

All the WiFi solutions we offer, support the latest in WiFi standards with a wide range of APs.

Data Networking

Data Network Switches

The reality of the current business landscape is that work often takes employees

Network bandwidth requirements continue to increase. And even if more devices are going wireless, that data still has to be back-hauled across a local area network (LAN.) So a data switching network is still required.

Ruckus Networks and Cisco Meraki offers the new wave of switching, with a range of cloud managed switches – up and running in no time – with simple yet complete visibility to everything that is happening on your network.

Finally, we offer Aruba switches for those customers looking for an end-to-end solution and leveraging Aruba WiFi products.   

Data Networking


Often the first level of defence in protecting your network are your routers and firewalls. Whether a small teleworker gateway, connecting a branch or the main access/egress for your head office, routers are critical.

Cisco offers the broadest router portfolio on the market. Cisco took the market by storm when it introduced the first Integrated Services Router (ISR) that allowed the router to run wireless, UC and other applications on a single platform.

Cisco Meraki has now taken this to another level offering a single ‘box’ solution that can be cloud managed – including Next Gen Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, Content Filtering  and Malware Protection.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The term Bring Your Own Device or BYOD came into our vocabulary a few years back to define the ability of staff or guests to bring their own mobile devices into your office and be allowed to gain access, securely, to your network.

In the past, setting up guests was troublesome. Either limiting their access or time consuming to manage. Yet wireless networking that can support BYOD  is critical to support the new world of work.

Newer wireless networks simplify that process. Setting up predefined SSIDs with all the necessary security in the form of 802.1X RADIUS authentication as well as an open guest network.

Hosted IP Office consistent unified experience

IoT - Internet of Things

A buzz word, yes, but real enough today as almost every electrical and electronic device can, and is, wirelessly enabled. We are not just talking laptops, tablets and phones but things like power control, temperature sensors, door controllers, lighting or security cameras. The more devices, the more the possibility of network congestion, security holes and the challenge to ensure each devices is set up properly.

Fortunately new data networks provide tools to speed up the roll out of these devices and provide simpler network management. Ruckus and Cisco Meraki provides a single, simple browser based view of everything on your network, how much bandwidth and what type of data is being used.

With built-in technologies such as band steering, per-user bandwidth limits, Layer 7 application traffic shaping, and cloud-assisted RF optimization you can maximize performance in the most challenging RF environments.

Aruba Networks Internet of Things IoT

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