Avaya (Nortel) Meridian Migration Options

When Avaya acquired Nortel in 2009, it also acquired the Nortel Meridian PBX. At that time, it had been superceded by the CS1000, which added VoIP capabilities. Many organizations were not ready for VoIP at that time, it might have meant changing cabling, data networking and they did not see the advantage to change.

Only those Meridians upgraded to CS1000 are still supported and as the CS1000 nears the end of its life, now is the time to plan your Avaya Meridian PBX migration.

Avaya is offering incentives this summer to help those organizations with Meridian system to migrate.

Unity Connected Solutions are experts in supporting and migrating Avaya’s complete range of communications products, including the Meridan PBX.

As an Avaya Diamond partner, and with thousands of customers across Canada, we not only provide support, but understand how to maximize Avaya protection plans and promotions to guide you through your communications strategy.

We have a track record of supporting and helping other customers like you migrate, within your budget and timeline.

The Migration Program

Options for all Meridian Options

The Meridian PBX portfolio consisted of different models, each sized to fit cost effectively to a customer. Some models offered redundancy, meaning they had a second processor that could take over if the main processor failed.

The models ranged from the Option 11 mini, a wall mountable unit supporting from 60 to 128 users, Option 11 a modular system supporting from 60 to 800 users, through Option 61 (600 to 2,000) and Option 81 (200 – 16,000) which could both have redundant processors.

Understanding these models may better guide you to the best migration options. For example, non redundant Option 11 and 61 users could easily fit into an Avaya IP Office or Hosted IP Office (the cloud version). Redundant Option 61 and 81 owners might want to look at Avaya Aura.

Finally, most of these systems were deployed with an associated Avaya CallPilot messaging system, which has also been announced as end of sale and support. Please check our dedicated page on migration of CallPilot systems.

Planning Your Meridian Migration

We know that for many of our customers there are sometimes mundane but pragmatic concerns with any system migration. There may be integrations to other tools that need to be considered. Perhaps something simple like paging systems or more complex like point of sale, property management or time tracking software.

Wiring can often be a challenge. It might require re-wiring with Cat5 cabling to support new VoIP telephone sets and/or new data network switches Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) capability. It may simply be that your physical infrastructure makes it a challenge to add new wiring period into your building.

It may simply be that you don’t have the budget today.

We understand these challenges and can discuss options and build them into a gradual migration plan – at your pace.

Avaya IP Office

Avaya’s IP Office is their flagship product for small and medium organizations. It can grow to support 3,000 users and support 32 locations from a single system. There is even a cloud version, Hosted IP Office.

The premise version of IP Office comes in different formats. From appliances sized to match the size of the organization, to software-only that can be loaded on a virtual server. It continues to be updated and supports the latest IP and SIP handsets, including Avaya’s new Vantage line, mobility, softphones, unified communications and contact centre.

For organizations used to Meridian’s great functionality and under 3,000 users and do not require redundant processing, the Avaya IP Office is a great fit.

Avaya is offering incentives on licenses and handsets to make it attractive to change over.

Hosted IP Office

Hosted IP Office is the cloud version of Avaya IP Office. Because it is an IP Office it offers the same functionality but with the added flexibility of cloud deployments and a per user per month fee model.

Cloud deployments are simpler and faster than premise deployments. Make it even easier to support mobile (home or road) workers – all they need is a data connection. No complex VPN and Firewall set ups to support them. With single number reach, it simplifies connecting with them AND reduces mobile costs when they can use a Wifi or data connection.

Cloud also simplifies things if you have several locations, especially if several of them are smaller. In the past you likely had different systems at each site so they could not be connected as on and added a burden to administer and support. With cloud, you no longer have to support hardware or software and all the administration is centralized through a simple browser based tool.

Best of all Avaya is offering even greater incentives to move organizations to the cloud.

Avaya Aura

Avaya’s top of the line communications platform is the Avaya Aura. And Avaya is also offering incentives to organizations with Meridian platforms that may require the size or high availability options the Avaya Aura offers.

The Avaya Aura is a premise based solution that is considered the market leader in its space. It supports the top rated Avaya Contact Centre – ranked as a Leader for the 17th year in a row by Gartner.

It provides the latest in Unified Communications and Collaboration and the only system on the market that can offer the equivalent functionality of the Meridian.

Avaya will even be able to offer some UNIStim support in June 2018 meaning that some existing Nortel Digital sets will be supported.

Get in Touch and We'll Walk You Through Your Options

If you are thinking of migrating a legacy Avaya platform to a next generation solution from Avaya, it is only reasonable that you would ask your vendor about their Avaya credentials.

Unity Connected Solutions have the highest Avaya accreditation – Diamond – and in all Avaya categories – SMB, Enterprise, Contact Centre and Video. We are the ONLY Avaya Partner in Customer Excellence for SMB AND Enterprise in Canada. We were the first Avaya Cloud Solutions Provider in Canada and won the Avaya Cloud Partner of the Year in 2015.

Unity Connected Solutions have installed and support several thousand locations across Canada with an Avaya system. We are the only Aura Alliance partner in Canada, an organization that helps organizations who do business across several countries, implement and support an Avaya solution.

Talk to us about how we can help you plan your migration.

Maintenance Contract

Still not sure about your migration path but need a trusted provider of support? Unity Connected Solutions provides full 24/7/365 support for Avaya systems. Yes, including statutory holidays. With offices and spares kits across Canada, we support from the smallest to the largest, most complex solutions.

See what we can do to help you get support today as you plan your future.

Avaya Portfolio

Avaya has a large portfolio of Unified Communications, Collaboration and Contact Centre technology. These solutions can support small to very large organizations; single site to multiple site. They offer cloud and premise options too.

To see the full Avaya portfolio, click the link below, or give us a call. We can review your current solution and guide you through the best Avaya option.

Customer Experience

Avaya changed its focus from products to customer experience to ensure that its portfolio became a game changer.

Customers can acquire ‘out-of-the-box’ functionality to rapidly take advantage of new Contact Center functionality or it can create more customized experiences using Avaya Oceana.

Your choice.

Team Engagement

All the low hanging fruit to reduce costs have been put in place. What next?

The next level of cost savings comes from making your team more efficient AND effective, solving problems faster, responding to customers or coming up with new ideas. Team Engagement.

Avaya offers platforms that offer the latest collaboration capabilities for the smallest to largest organizations.

Full Mobile Experience

All the Avaya portfolio are mobile experience optimized.

With the increasing use of mobile devices in business -smart phones, tablets and laptops – its imperative to make mobile workers experience seamless and transparent.

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