Why the urgency?
After June 2018 you will no longer be able to add licenses or expand your system!

Avaya CallPilot to Officelinx Migration: Now is the time!

When Avaya acquired Nortel in 2009, it included their flagship PBX and Voice messaging platform CS1000 and CallPilot. These products have provided incredible Return on Investment (ROI) over the years, reliable and offering the best telephony capabilities. However, the CallPilot has now reached end of manufacture support for hardware and needs to be updated. Avaya’s next generation messaging platform is Avaya Officelinx. It is an exceptional system and the ideal migration path for Avaya CallPilot.

Currently Avaya are offering incentives to ease the pain for existing Avaya CallPilot customers looking to migrate to Avaya Officelinx. Now is the time to plan for that migration.

Why Migrate to Officelinx

Next Generation Messaging

There are two key reasons Avaya is moving from CallPilot (and other messaging platforms) to Officelinx.

Avaya’s legacy platforms cannot support the next generation capabilities that organizations need today and into the future. Avaya Officelinx was built to support next generation capabilities beyond messaging into areas like Click-to-Chat, SMS Messaging and critically, Microsoft O365 integration.

The second reason is that Avaya’s legacy platforms are heavily hardware dependent and can only be deployed as a premises option. Avaya Officelinx can be deployed as Cloud or On-Premise and supports multi-site and multi-vendor organizations. It is a far more flexible option.

The Simplest CallPilot Migration

Avaya makes migrating from your existing CallPilot to Officelinx simple and seamless, reducing any disruption to your organization.

  • Does not require upgrading your existing PBX
  • Retention of the existing user experience and interface
  • Simple licensing that includes messaging, auto attendant, IVR, call trees in one solution
  • Flexible virtualization: A 100% software solution that can run on a virtual server
  • Consolidation: If you have multiple messaging systems
  • Future proof migration to the cloud with support for Google, Salesforce, Microsoft O365 and more
  • Support for legacy CallPilot Contact Centre integration including MLink, Access and GiveIVR, ensuring continuity for CallPilot – Call Centre implementations

Clearly Avaya have thought deeply about the current applications an organization relies on today that need to be considered when replacing Avaya CallPilot.

The Urgency

We didn’t want to focus on this but clearly organizations that still rely on Avaya CallPilot do have to consider that there is a risk with Avaya support expiring and the system still running on top of older, unsupported Microsoft software. CallPilot utilized Microsoft NT and Microsoft Windows Server 2003. Microsoft ended support for Windows Server 2003 on June 14th, 2015 while Window NT ended support on December 31st, 2004.

The official Avaya Support Life-Cycle for CallPilot is as follows:

  • June 30, 2015: End-of-Sales for new systems
  • June 30, 2016: End-of-Manufacture Support (software) (No new corrective content)
  • June 30, 2018: End-of-Manufacture Support (hardware) (Repair/return transitions to “best effort”)
  • June 30, 2021: End-of-Extended Services/Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace just the voice mail system and, if so, what are my options?

Absolutely! And No Hardware or Upgrade needed:
Avaya Officelinx can be provided as a virtualized solution running on your hardware or cloud based, supporting VMWare and Microsoft HyperV

Do I need to replace the voice mail system AND the telephone system (PBX)?

No PBX Upgrade required:
Avaya Officelinx can integrate into existing Avaya/Nortel Meridian 1, CS 1000, SL-100 and CS 2100 systems.
It does not require current CS 1000 release or upgrade and does not require Avaya Session Manager.

Will I be able to leverage newer collaboration applications?

Officelinx is Avaya’s Next Generation Messaging Platform:
Absolutely. This is not exclusively about a like for like replacement. Avaya Officelinx supports next generation capabilities like SMS, Chat, Click-to-Chat, integration into other cloud tools like Salesforce and Microsoft O365 and much more.

What if I have multiple PBXs with CallPilot, do I have to replace them all?

Yes, but with a single, consolidated platform:
Avaya Officelinx was designed to support multiple sites and multiple vendors with a single, consolidated messaging platform that brings communication and collaboration tools to the entire organization. Lower cost to support, easy to administer, everyone is on the same version and easier for staff in different locations to work together.

Does Officelinx offer High Availability?

For larger organizations that need the comfort of higher reliability or need it to meet regulatory requirements, Officelinx offers Master/Slave live failover.

Avaya Officelinx High Level Architecture

The following high level diagram shows how Avaya Officelinx can easily be dropped into an existing set up.

Officelinx offers SIP and CTI connectivity with existing PBXs. This offers the greatest flexibility when integrating into an existing environment. In the case of SIP connectivity Officelinx does not require an Avaya Session Manager, reducing the hardware required.

We're Here to Help

Unity Connected Solutions are a Avaya Diamond Partner – for the entire Avaya portfolio. That is Avaya’s highest level of accreditation. We are also the ONLY Avaya Partner in Canada that has the Avaya Partner in Customer Excellence designation across the entire portfolio. This requires constantly receiving a 90%+ score in customer satisfaction.

More importantly, we have several thousand customer locations across Canada with Avaya systems and helped hundreds migrate to the newer Avaya platforms like Officelinx.

Reach out to see how we can help plan your migration.

Avaya Officelinx Deployment Options

Officelinx can be deployed as a Physical Server or Virtual Server.

The Voice Server(s) [Up to 20 per instance] provide integration to the PBX, stores greetings, messages, distribution lists, etc. A Consolidated Database/File Server (One per system in multi-server configurations), delivers redundancy of Voice Servers. So an Officelinx solution can provide a High Availability option for those customers where this is a requirement.

In Virtual environments, the following would be required:

  • Windows 2008 (32-bit)2008R2 (64-bit), 2012 or 2012 R2 (Standard Edition)
  • VMware vSphere 4.x, 5.0, or 5.1; Microsoft HyperV 2012

Disk/Storage recommendations:

  • RAID 10: Two hard-disk drives, mirrored, spanned to two other drives, mirrored
  • 10K rpm or 15K rpm

Avaya Officelinx Specifications

High Availability

High Availability is possible whether in a Physical or Virtual deployment model. This is achieved using Double-Take® DR (Disaster Recovery) as follows:

  • Replicates the ‘Consolidated’ server to a secondary ‘backup’ server
  • Consolidated server and the Double-Take ® backup server must be using the same operating system with identical hardware Servers must meet minimum requirements needed to run Officelinx
  • Eliminates any single point of failure
  • Can be applied to an existing installation, or to a new installation
  • Double-Take ® client application runs on auxiliary computer, anywhere on same network, and controls behavior of servers


  • SIP/CTI connectivity performed over secure network connections
  • Server side OAuth 2.0 authentication to Google Apps
  • Encrypted session ports are supported when initializing synchronization sessions with Microsoft Exchange servers
  • Synchronization via secure IMAP or encrypted/authorized WebLinks (HTTPS with application authentication)
  • Built-in password security
  • Web services can be secured over HTTPS connections
  • Voicemail and faxes can be configured to send an HTTP (or HTTPS) link to the message instead of file attachments
  • Encrypted message store options using Windows file access security prevent unauthorized access
  • Network security considerations can be applied (i.e. firewalls)
  • JITC (Department of Defense) certification in 10.5 (forecast Aug-2016)


  • Up to 100 voice channels per Officelinx voice node (server)
  • 1-16 Fax Channels or 2-60 ports per Officelinx voice node (via Dialogic SR140)
  • 64 channels of TTS/ASR per server (optional add-on) – extra license
    • Up to 20 voice servers can be deployed per solution (or up to 2,000 SIP ports)
    • Each solution supports up to 20K UM or 60K VM subscribers

Licensing and Packaging

  • Choice of feature/value-set on per-user basis
  • Messaging, Collaboration, or Messaging+Collaboration
  • Choice of Subscription (OpEx) or Perpetual (CapEx)
  • Choice of resiliency
  • High Availability default inclusion on systems exceeding 400 subscribers

Avaya Officelinx End User Web Portal

One of the Next Gen capabilities of Avaya Officelinx is that if offers a simple, web-based portal for end-users to manage their messaging. Much easier than using a phone or even older style desktop applications.

Administrators can control what end-users can see and do. Options include:

  • Simplifies logon experience
  • Secure operation
  • ‘Hardened’ password capable
  • User name or Mailbox number

There is an introductory tutorial to show end-users how to configure:

  • Time zone
  • Working hours
  • Mobile, Home, Office numbers
  • Call answering treatment:
    • Route to alternate number
    • Take a message
  • After-hours treatment

Other areas end-users can access via the web portal include:

  • Visual Voicemail
  • Greetings
  • Message Forwarding
  • Notification Options
  • Speech Support

Avaya Officelinx Functionality

  • Multiple telephone user interfaces (TUI)
  • Multi-tenant or multi-attendant interface
  • 99 personal greetings, schedule enabled
  • Location based routing
  • Calls and availability can follow enterprise calendar (Exchange or Google)
  • Online web based password reset
  • Multi-lingual interface
  • Unlimited auto-attendant trees
  • Multiple recordings and greetings per language
  • Read, unread and saved message sorting
  • Urgent messages
  • Message notification
  • Message waiting indicator
  • Automatic message forwarding
  • Private message designation
  • SMS message notification
  • SMTP message notification
  • Future delivery messages
  • Fast forward, pause and rewind
  • Call back to sender
  • Undelete message
  • Record conversations
  • Multimedia and multi-destination distribution lists
  • Fax tone detection
  • Call screening
  • Call queuing (basic)
  • Default language selection by user
  • Default language selection by caller
  • Custom display name format
  • Shared extension support
  • Multiple time zone support
  • Bi-directional message synchronization between the PBX and email applications (Exchange, Notes, GroupWise, Zimbra, Office 365, Google)
  • Voicemail retrieved from email or smartphone extinguishes the Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) on the desk phone
  • Voicemail delivered as MP3 audio file
  • Visual voicemail
  • SMTP message forward with smart links
  • Resolve messages to contacts and identify callers by name (Exchange and Google)
  • Share and socialize voice messages
  • Call history integration with email (requires CTI enabled on PBX)
  • Inbound fax
  • Group and distribution list messaging

Get in Touch and We'll Walk You Through Your Options

If you are thinking of migrating a legacy Avaya platform to a next generation solution from Avaya, it is only reasonable that you would ask your vendor about their Avaya credentials.

Unity Connected Solutions have the highest Avaya accreditation – Diamond – and in all Avaya categories – SMB, Enterprise, Contact Centre and Video. We are the ONLY Avaya Partner in Customer Excellence for SMB AND Enterprise in Canada. We were the first Avaya Cloud Solutions Provider in Canada and won the Avaya Cloud Partner of the Year in 2015.

Unity Connected Solutions have installed and support several thousand locations across Canada with an Avaya system. We are the only Aura Alliance partner in Canada, an organization that helps organizations who do business across several countries, implement and support an Avaya solution.

Talk to us about how we can help you plan your migration.

Maintenance Contract

Still not sure about your migration path but need a trusted provider of support? Unity Connected Solutions provides full 24/7/365 support for Avaya systems. Yes, including statutory holidays. With offices and spares kits across Canada, we support from the smallest to the largest, most complex solutions.

See what we can do to help you get support today as you plan your future.

Avaya Portfolio

Avaya has a large portfolio of Unified Communications, Collaboration and Contact Centre technology. These solutions can support small to very large organizations; single site to multiple site. They offer cloud and premise options too.

To see the full Avaya portfolio, click the link below, or give us a call. We can review your current solution and guide you through the best Avaya option.

Customer Experience

Avaya changed its focus from products to customer experience to ensure that its portfolio became a game changer.

Customers can acquire ‘out-of-the-box’ functionality to rapidly take advantage of new Contact Center functionality or it can create more customized experiences using Avaya Oceana.

Your choice.

Team Engagement

All the low hanging fruit to reduce costs have been put in place. What next?

The next level of cost savings comes from making your team more efficient AND effective, solving problems faster, responding to customers or coming up with new ideas. Team Engagement.

Avaya offers platforms that offer the latest collaboration capabilities for the smallest to largest organizations.

Full Mobile Experience

All the Avaya portfolio are mobile experience optimized.

With the increasing use of mobile devices in business -smart phones, tablets and laptops – its imperative to make mobile workers experience seamless and transparent.

Get in Touch and We'll Walk You Through Your Options

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