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Avaya Legacy Migration Promotions

A lot of organizations are still running on legacy Avaya systems. It is no wonder as these systems have been workhorses; reliable, dependable and with the largest set of telephony features on the market.

Avaya, and Nortel whom Avaya acquired in 2005, both had an ‘evergreen’ strategy that committed to updates and upgrades to keep the systems current. Going from analogue to digital to VoIP over the years.

But those systems were based on architectures that can’t take them forward, that prevent them from offering the next generation communications and collaboration capabilities organizations need to move forward.

Avaya’s current platforms all offer that and more. Avaya IP Office (cloud or premise based), Avaya Aura, Avaya Officelinx, Breeze, Equinox and Oceana.

To ease the burden for organizations running on legacy platforms, Avaya has created a series of upgrade promotions, depending on the model, age and other factors that dramatically reduce the cost of moving to a new platform.

As an Avaya Diamond Partner for SMB and Enterprise, an Avaya Cloud Solutions Provider AND the only Avaya Partner in Customer Excellence, Unity Connected Solutions is the best Partner in Canada to guide you through your options and to help maximize the Avaya promotions for you.

Your Migration Options

CS1000 Migration

Avaya recently announced the end of sale for CS1000. This was the flagship Nortel solution and the successor of the Meridian line of PBXs that added VoIP capability. While it will be supported for a few more years and we, Unity Connected Solutions, can still provide maintenance support, now is the time to start planning your migration.

Because the CS1000 came in a variety of sizes and options, there is no one correct migration path.

For smaller organizations an Avaya IP Office or the cloud version, Hosted IP Office, is probably the perfect solution. Avaya is offering significant incentives to move IP Office – premise or cloud.

For larger organizations or those that need more capability or high availability solution Avaya Aura might be the best fit. Again Avaya is offering significant incentives to migrate to Avaya Aura.

Avaya Communication Manager

Avaya is also offering incentives for customers on older vintage Avaya Communications Manager platforms. Customers on Communications Manger 5 or 6 are also eligible for incentives to migrate to Avaya Aura. Avaya Aura was built as the successor to Avaya Communications Manager.

Avaya Aura offers so many enhancements including better mobility support and collaboration capabilities. For organizations with Contact Centre, migration to Avaya Aura lets you upgrade your contact centre to the industry leader.

There are incentives on licenses, phones and Contact Centre.

Unity Connected Solutions are an Avaya Diamond Partner for Enterprise – which means Avaya Aura – and Contact Centre. We have migrated hundreds of organizations from Avaya Communications Manager.

Avaya Meridian

Before Nortel, acquired by Avaya in 2005, launched the CS1000, the core offering was the Meridian PBX. The Meridian PBX was a modular system that came in a variety of sizes or models – from the Option 11 to 61 to 81. The Meridian could support from 16 to 16,000 users and could come in a redundant processor format.

Some Meridian systems were upgraded to the CS1000 to add VoIP or IP phone support, but many were not. As with the CS1000, Avaya Definity and Communications Manager, these systems have all been highly reliable and provided significant ROI over the years. These systems are no longer supported, so it is time to move forward.

As with the CS1000, many incentives may apply to upgrade your Meridian to either an Avaya IP Office, the cloud version, Hosted IP Office or Avaya Aura.

Talk to us as we can help review your current system and future needs and determine exactly what promotions or incentives may apply to get you into a new, next generation Avaya platform for significantly less – and much less than a competitive solution.

CallPilot Migration

Most CS1000 and Meridian systems were installed with a separate voice messaging system, CallPilot. This system offered voice mail, auto attendant and unified messaging. CallPilot will go completely end of support in 2021, althoug it is end of software support and hardware support expires in June 2018. The CallPilot application ran on Microsoft NT (end suppport 2004) and Microsoft Server 2003 (end support 2015.)

So while organizations may need to look at a gradual migration for their Meridian or CS1000, they probably need to look at changing out their CallPilot now.

As it happens, Avaya are offering incentives for organizations looking to migrate their CallPilot to the next generation Avaya Officelinx.

To learn more, check out our dedicated CallPilot to Avaya Officelinx page, or better still, give us a call so we can see what incentives could apply.

Get in Touch and We'll Walk You Through Your Options

If you are thinking of migrating a legacy Avaya platform to a next generation solution from Avaya, it is only reasonable that you would ask your vendor about their Avaya credentials.

Unity Connected Solutions have the highest Avaya accreditation – Diamond – and in all Avaya categories – SMB, Enterprise, Contact Centre and Video. We are the ONLY Avaya Partner in Customer Excellence for SMB AND Enterprise in Canada. We were the first Avaya Cloud Solutions Provider in Canada and won the Avaya Cloud Partner of the Year in 2015.

Unity Connected Solutions have installed and support several thousand locations across Canada with an Avaya system. We are the only Aura Alliance partner in Canada, an organization that helps organizations who do business across several countries, implement and support an Avaya solution.

Talk to us about how we can help you plan your migration.

Maintenance Contract

Still not sure about your migration path but need a trusted provider of support? Unity Connected Solutions provides full 24/7/365 support for Avaya systems. Yes, including statutory holidays. With offices and spares kits across Canada, we support from the smallest to the largest, most complex solutions.

See what we can do to help you get support today as you plan your future.

Avaya Portfolio

Avaya has a large portfolio of Unified Communications, Collaboration and Contact Centre technology. These solutions can support small to very large organizations; single site to multiple site. They offer cloud and premise options too.

To see the full Avaya portfolio, click the link below, or give us a call. We can review your current solution and guide you through the best Avaya option.

Customer Experience

Avaya changed its focus from products to customer experience to ensure that its portfolio became a game changer.

Customers can acquire ‘out-of-the-box’ functionality to rapidly take advantage of new Contact Center functionality or it can create more customized experiences using Avaya Oceana.

Your choice.

Team Engagement

All the low hanging fruit to reduce costs have been put in place. What next?

The next level of cost savings comes from making your team more efficient AND effective, solving problems faster, responding to customers or coming up with new ideas. Team Engagement.

Avaya offers platforms that offer the latest collaboration capabilities for the smallest to largest organizations.

Full Mobile Experience

All the Avaya portfolio are mobile experience optimized.

With the increasing use of mobile devices in business -smart phones, tablets and laptops – its imperative to make mobile workers experience seamless and transparent.

Get in Touch and We'll Walk You Through Your Options