Wouldn’t you rather your staff stay out of the weather and get things done

When the weather is dreadful outside, how much time is lost through extra long and frustrating commutes or through staff that can’t get to the office and don’t have the tools to work effectively from home? A hybrid Avaya IP Office solution might be the answer.

Avaya IP Office – go Hybrid

Avaya IP Office is a unique unified communications solution. Not only does it come as a premise or hosted version but can also be setup as a hybrid solution.

Cloud or hosted solutions make it easier to setup at home or mobile workers, whether full-time or for circumstances like the recent dreadful weather. No complex IT set ups. But not everyone wants to go cloud or hosted because of concerns about the reliability – in particular the internet connection.

Well one solution is to take your current premise-based IP Office hardware but run it in the cloud. The best of both worlds. Should your link to the cloud go down, you can still run effectively on-premise.

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