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These Avaya promotions are available through Spring and Summer.
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Fantastic Promotions Maximize Legacy Investment

Most messages regarding Avaya legacy platforms like CS1000 or CS1k (originally Nortel) have been negative. Sure, these systems are going end of sale and soon end of life, but they have been great servants, lasting longer than most technology these days. And they are the gift that keeps on giving in that Avaya is offering some pretty fantastic promotions – credits, rebates, trade-in – whatever you want to call it, for those legacy systems.

What this means is that while you may be finally forced into considering migrating your communications system, migrating to a newer Avaya platform will be the most cost effective option.

This really is a great time to consider migrating your Avaya legacy system to a new Avaya solution.

Something for Everyone

Avaya have created 40 promotions that cover migrating legacy systems to adding new desktop devices on new systems. No one is being left out.

These promotions cover small to large systems, expansion of existing systems or upgrades to those with out of data software. They include aggressive license credits, deeply discounted hardware, discounted and even free handsets and more. Essentially, Avaya recognizes that each company has different needs so created a range of promotions to fit all scenarios.

If you are considering any upgrade or addition in the near future, you should give us a call now so that we can work out which ones might apply.

Revisit the Avaya Portfolio

Avaya continues to develop and extend its communications portfolio. This is particularly evident with the IP Office. Over the years, not only have Avaya increased the capabilities of IP Office but have increased its capacity. Now it can support up to 3,000 users with up to 150 networked locations and can offer High Availability options.

Many organizations may be running on Avaya Definity, Communications Manager or CS1000 solutions that are under 3,000 users and where an IP Office would be a better fit. Combined with the aggressive Avaya promotions, we have migrated many companies to a new IP Office solution for less than they were paying on their existing maintenance budget.

The Avaya IP Office can support many handsets from existing legacy systems. For those considering cloud, IP Office can be delivered as a hosted option – on a monthly per user basis or a hybrid option – with promotions applied against those monthly license fees.

What are my Avaya options?

All the promotions are dependent on the current configuration and the solution being proposed. It requires an accredited Avaya Partner Design Engineer to create a new solution quote using the Avaya configuration tool. The promotions are built into the tool, as it would be too complex and time consuming to manually determine what ones apply. Our Design Engineers will provide the complete parts list with the reduced pricing to your Account Manager to send to you.

Our account teams have been amazed at the final pricing and have the expertise and experience to tweak them appropriately to gain the maximum value.

Surely, there are conditions, you say. In some cases there are. It might be acquiring a 3 year Avaya support agreement along with the new system – which is standard these days anyway. In other cases the discounts depend on number of license or type of licenses and so on. Our team can explain these to you.

There is no commitment on your behalf in asking us to provide a quote.

Is cloud an option?

The great news is that these promotions apply for organizations considering cloud too! The IP Office can be acquired as a hosted solution – Hosted IP Office. It is not a tenanted solution, as most cloud solutions are, meaning this a  secure, reliable dedicated instance for your business.

There are promotions available if migrating from a legacy solution to a Hosted IP Office solution. You are eligible for deeply discounted licenses with a standard 3 year contract. There are even discounted handsets available as well, making a Hosted IP Office solution even easier to get into with limited upfront capital.

The Hosted IP Office grows to 3,000 users and, because it is hosted, handles remote workers or teleworkers much easier than a premise based solution. It is also the perfect option for organizations with many small locations. Now a single solution can handle all your sites.

Contact Centre? You're included

Avaya customers looking to take the next leap in customer service leveraging their contact centre can receive dramatic discounts on bundles that automate many of the key call centre functions.

The bundle consists of:

  • Intent/Identification
  • Prompts, Segmentation, Time of Day (TOD)
  • Callback Assist
  • Screen pop to agent with or without Context Store (optional)
  • Post Interaction Survey
  • Proactive Notifications
  • Outbound Survey
  • Location and CC metrics rules management

What if your system is newer?

Phones, Headsets & Video

If you have a newer system but are thinking of expanding, adding sets or simply want to trade in older sets, there is something for you as well.

Avaya is offering discounts on new phones when trading in older digital OR IP Phones. Take a look at the newer J169, J179, and the incredible Vantage K155, K165 and K175 handsets. If you were thinking of buying any of these sets, now is the time.

In addition, if you need headsets, the new Avaya headsets are fabulous and there are even discounts on video endpoints including the new CU360.

Why Partner with Unity Connected Solutions?

Unity Connected Solutions is an Avaya Diamond Partner. This is Avaya’s highest Partner designation. We support the complete Avaya portfolio, including all the solutions Avaya inherited from the acquisition of Nortel. This means all the Meridian PBX models, many of which migrated to become CS1000 systems.

We are able to offer and support the Avaya IP Office, both premise and cloud options, as well as the Avaya Aura system – the two most viable migration options from older Avaya systems – as well as supporting their next generation capabilities such as Equinox, Oceana and Breeze.

Unity is the ONLY Avaya Partner in Customer Excellence in Canada that covers SMB AND Enterprise solutions. This is a designation based on continuing to exceed an even higher customer satisfaction rating than the standard for Diamond Partners.

We are also the exclusive Aura Alliance partner for Canada, an organization created to support multi-national customers with Avaya solutions.

In other words, no matter your current or future Avaya plans, we have you covered.

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