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You can use your 1100 and 1200 series handsets fully with Avaya Aura, IP Office, Hosted IP Office now and Communications Manager R8 (coming July 2018)

Avaya (Nortel) CS1000

The Avaya CS1000 has been a communications¬†workhorse for several decades, starting life as the Nortel Meridian PBX platform. Nortel and Avaya have always been committed to an ‘evergreen’ strategy, creating update, upgrade or migration paths for their products; something unique in the industry.

As the CS1000 nears the end of its life, now is the time to plan your graceful Avaya CS1000 migration.

Unity Connected Solutions are experts in supporting Avaya’s complete range of communications products, including the venerable CS1000.

As an Avaya Diamond partner, and with thousands of customers across Canada, we not only provide support, but understand how to maximize Avaya protection plans and promotions to guide you through your communications strategy.

We have a track record of supporting and helping other customers like you migrate, within your budget and timeline.

Planning Your CS1000 Migration

We know that for many of our customers there are sometimes mundane but pragmatic concerns with any system migration. There may be integrations to other tools that need to be considered. Perhaps something simple like paging systems or more complex like point of sale, property management or time tracking software.

Wiring can often be a challenge. It might require re-wiring with Cat5 cabling to support new VoIP telephone sets and/or new data network switches Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) capability. It may simply be that your physical infrastructure makes it a challenge to add new wiring period into your building.

It may simply be that you don’t have the budget today.

We understand these challenges and can discuss options and build them into a gradual migration plan – at your pace.

Don't Automatic Roll Over your Service Contract

Talk to us about a better option

Some service providers have a policy that automatically rolls-over your CS1000 service contract, often as much as 90 days before expiry. Most organizations we talk with are unaware of these policies.

They are also unaware that an accredited Avaya service provider must register with Avaya and include an Avaya service contract within theirs. Several do not. This means your system may still be at risk, even with a support contract. You may also be missing out on aggressive Avaya upgrade credits when it comes time to migrate.

To prevent limiting your options, make sure you don’t automatically renew your contract and move it to a more flexible support contract with an authorized Avaya Business Partner.

What are my Avaya options?

You actually have many more Avaya migration choices now than ever before.

The Avaya IP Office platform has evolved to support up to 3,000 users, 32 sites and has dramatically expanded its feature set. For customers with a CS1000 that does not have a redundant processor and under 3,000 users, this may be the perfect option. Unity also offers a cloud version, Hosted IP Office, and we have built hybrid solutions for customers as well.

The Avaya Aura has long been Avaya’s Enterprise platform. Avaya Aura can support the largest CS1000 in terms of capacity and has functionality that extends beyond the CS1000.

Avaya offers sophisticated Contact Center and Messaging capabilities on all platforms.

For customers with a Unity service contract, there is no need to rush but it is time to plan. Let us help plan out your next move.

Call Pilot

Most CS1000 customers also have a Call Pilot, which is a greater risk for your business.

It makes sense to look at how to handle your Call Pilot migration as part of the bigger picture and not be forced to make independent product decisions that impact the bigger picture.

Your CallPilot can be supported by us along with your CS1000.

As with all Avaya solutions, you have several migration options. Let Unity talk to you and explain them.

Upgrade License Credits

Are you eligible for Avaya license upgrade credits?

Avaya has offers several upgrade protection plans as part of their portion of the support contract. As a Diamond Avaya partner, Unity is authorized to provide Avaya support contracts. Unity can ensure you are covered with the right Avaya protection plan.

Upgrade protection provides significant discounts on any licenses when migrating to a new Avaya platform.

Unity can also make you aware of other Avaya promotions that become available, offering  dramatic savings when upgrading to a new Avaya system.

That’s why it makes sense to talk to Unity to help plan any migration

Is cloud an option?

Cloud or Hybrid Solutions

Cloud is definitely an option. Cloud will require more planning than a premise based solution. But there are Avaya cloud options available as well.

Cloud will require sufficient internet bandwidth, perhaps adding a capability such as SDWAN to ensure connectivity, changing sets to newer IP/SIP sets, CAT5 wiring and data networking that includes PoE and QoS capabilities.

We can also offer hybrid options which includes some onsite hardware while the core services are delivered from the cloud.

It should be driven by your communication needs. Mobility and seamless access across multiple locations, for example, are great reasons to look at cloud. Unity has explored and solved these challenges for other customers as part of their migration plan. Talk to us.

Don't get hung up on the phones

Avaya fully supports the 1100 and 1200 series of IP Handsets on Avaya Aura and with Communications Manager Release 8 (coming July 2018.) This is another great example of Avaya investment protection.

In addition, your next generation migration offers far more options for calling – including applications on laptops and smart phones – as well as new inexpensive SIP desktop models. You can also access the latest in newer, more sophisticated and capable handsets, like the Vantage series, that include smart phone like displays and functionality.

Some Avaya upgrade options will support several (but not all) of the current CS1000 handsets in use. As well, not all the features will work exactly the same. Consult with your migration vendor before deciding.

Why Partner with Unity Connected Solutions?

Unity Connected Solutions is an Avaya Diamond Partner. This is Avaya’s highest Partner designation. We support the complete Avaya portfolio, including all the solutions Avaya inherited from the acquisition of Nortel. This means all the Meridian PBX models, many of which migrated to become CS1000 systems.

We are able to offer and support the Avaya IP Office, both premise and cloud options, as well as the Avaya Aura system. The two most viable migration options from Avaya. As well as supporting their next generation capabilities such as Equinox, Oceania and Breeze.

Unity are the ONLY Avaya Partner in Customer Excellence in Canada that covers SMB AND Enterprise solutions. This is a designation based on continuing to exceed an even higher customer satisfaction rating than the standard for Diamond Partners.

We are also the exclusive Aura Alliance partner for Canada, an organization created to support multi-national customers with Avaya solutions.

In other words, no matter your current or future Avaya plans, we have you covered.

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