Most communications solutions today are server based. As a result, the installation of these solutions requires the effective design of the supporting physical infrastructure.

Unity has a comprehensive product line-up, of data racks, cabinets, connectivity management products, and UPS systems. All are factory pre-assembled networks and delivered in a true ‘plug and play’ solution. Unity provides these solutions as part of our integrated solution for customers who are looking for a full turn key offer for their voice and data needs.

Unity can stage Network appliances and pre-install power and communications prior to the enclosures or cable management racks being delivered to your premises. This service will consolidate multiple deliveries to reduce the installation time on site. We will pre-load our servers, and value-add products like the UPS protection and high speed data connection including pre patched solutions and KVM solutions. Unity can also provide physical resources for the implementation of the network cabling. The physical resources group has been trained in cable installation as a trade and not brand specific, this allows our clients access to the highly experienced field services team.