Unified Communications & Collaboration

Great communication and collaboration dramatically improve your business. Faster, more accurate decisions. Faster customer response.

More efficient. More effective.

Don’t let your staff struggle to manage multiple devices or communication applications separately. Tie them together with a single Unified Communications solution. Let your staff work wherever they are needed – the office, on the road, from home. Seamlessly.

Unity Unified Communications (UC) solutions offer single number access, the increased availability of associates with presence, instant messaging, find-me/follow-me service or simultaneous ringing of desk and mobile phones.


Your staff are probably using smart phones as part of their every day work. This is costing you more than you know. Worse Рit makes seamless connection harder.

Unified Communications not only optimizes your mobile costs but ensures mobile workers can work the same way no matter where they are located.


Business moves at an ever faster rate. Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) is the tool that enables faster decision making.

A single UC&C platform brings all your communications together – desk phone, mobile phone, messaging and presence.


There is nothing more annoying than trying to solve a business or customer issue and not being able to find a colleague. At the same time, we all hate being distracted by unnecessary interruptions.

UC&C helps us manage and balance team communications with an always-on capability.

Communicate Your Way

Many people have a communications preference. But that can make it hard work for colleagues to find and connect with you.

UC&C lets staff choose which method they prefer while at the same time simplifying how others can connect and communicate with you.

Check Out The Unified Communications solutions We Offer

Avaya IP Office

From 20 to 3000 users across up to 32 sites, IP Office is simple and powerful. Available as premise or cloud.

Mitel Connect Onsite

Superb distributed architecture, delivers great financial returns and unified team communication.

Hosted IP Office

Hosted IP Office brings the functionality of Avaya’s industry-leading premise solution to the cloud.

Unity Connect

The most affordable cloud business phone system in Canada for small and midsize businesses.

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