Senior Living Mobility

In senior living and independent living, in particular, we want residents to have full mobility, enjoy all the facilities available such as dining, saloons, games rooms, theatre room and more.

Experience shows that residents have a longer and more fulfilling life if they get out of their rooms and participate more fully with other residents.

At the same time, Senior Living organizations know that they are likely to have that resident stay with them longer, reducing the costs associated with resident churn. How can this be achieved without hiring more staff? How do you ensure the best help when needed?

Taking care of people

Pendants: Wrist, Necklace

You can provide residents with mobile devices like a pendant that can be placed on a necklace, belt or wrist strap. It provides a comfort factor to the resident knowing they can receive help or support no matter where they are in the building. And SARA can even be set up to provide support in exterior spaces around the building.

Works During Power Failure

The Status Solution’s SARE repeaters only require AC power to operate. By powering the repeaters from the emergency power network and ensuring the SARA server is on a battery backup, even when power is lost, the monitoring and alerting system will still work. This is far more cost effective than with a WiFi based system that will require all Ethernet switches to be independently supported by power backup in closets around the building.

Right Person, Right Time, Right Place

The consequence of traditional Code alerts, as used in hospitals, is that multiple staff members have to go to a general area to determine if their help is required. This challenge is overcome when location based alerting is allied with a smarter, rules based engine that can activate a set of rules for the specific device alerting.

Automated, Rules Based

Status Solution’s SARA can be programmed to enact a set of rules with predetermined response times. If the alert is not acknowledged within a preset time, SARA goes to the next step and escalates to another staff member, supervisor, manager, etc and can use a variety of ways to notify; email, text, phone call with pre-recorded message, for example.

Cost Effective Wireless Mesh

Status Solution’s SARA uses wireless but not 802.11 WiFi. The SARA repeaters only require local powering as they interconnect with each other in a mesh arrangement. Because so few are required to provide coverage, these can be easily connected to the back up power source, meaning your emergency system will still be operating in a power failure situation – often when you most need it.

The building or campus is mapped during implementation so that the SARA positioning system (SPS) has location information. The SARA SPS uses vector mapping from the three closest mathematical matches to look up its pre-mapped database and can provide specific location information – the lounge, parking lot A, library, etc. This way location information is provided to the responder.

Location Based

By ‘mapping’ the building or campus, SARA can provide accurate location information as soon as a pendant is pressed. When set up, install staff map the coordinates of all locations into the SARA server.

When a device is pressed, the vector information is compared with the ‘internal map.’ Staff are given location information as well as the name of the resident; This results in speedier response to resident requests and less staff required to respond. Staff can use simple cordless phones to receive this information either as a recording or, if the text option is used, as a text message on the display.

Wireless, Not WIFI

Status Solutions can install anywhere as it uses a wireless MESH system to manage alerts.

Status Solutions uses a series of wireless repeaters that simply require AC power and can cover vast distances. This means a Status Solutions system can fit into any environment, quickly, simply and cost effectively.

Wireless MESH is not Wifi. So it does not require expensive WiFi access points, does not suffer from Wifi interference and does not load or require upgrades to your data network.

A Wireless MESH solution allows Status Solutions to pinpoint the exact location of mobile duress buttons

Detailed Reporting

Detailed reporting means that organizations can both improve adherence to life safety and security plans, provide proof that actions took place at the specific time.

For public sector organizations Status Solutions provides complete reporting of every alert, the time the alert was received and acknowledged and the time the alert was resolved.

Full Integration

Status Solutions can integrate into a complete range of existing safety systems control panels and sensors such as:

  • Access Control
  • Security Panels
  • Fire Panels
  • Motion detectors
  • Audio Sensors
  • Glass-break detectors
  • Security Cameras
  • Building management systems
  • HVAC
  • Boilers
  • Pools/Spas
  • Fridge/Freezer temperature monitors
  • Moisture/Humidity Detectors

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