Environmental Monitoring

Alerting and notification can extend to property. Environmental monitoring of HVAC systems, refrigeration units, boilers, windows, doors and more can automatically alert when something is wrong. Early detection and prevention can save an organization thousands of dollars. For example a boiler leaking and causing water damage or a hospital medical refrigerator spoiling medication.

Without tools, without automation, this requires staff members to manually perform some very manual, often menial tasks – and understand the implications of that work. Status Solution’s SARA not only automatically senses when something is wrong, it directly alerts the right person to respond. Even that is an outside service provider.

Taking care of property

Temperature Monitoring and Logging

For example, fridges containing hundreds or thousands of dollars of medical supplies need to be monitored frequently to ensure they are operating within appropriate temperatures. Busy nursing staff are often asked to ‘record’ the fridge temperature. With many other things to think about this may not happen consistently nor may it be clear at exactly what temperature should someone be flagged.

Alternately a temperature probe could be installed in the Fridge and monitored by an automated rules engine like the Status Solutions SARA. Now the fridge temperature can be monitored as often as desired. Not only will SARA monitor the fridge temperature but when it is deemed as out of limits, it can immediately notify the maintenance staff. No need to consume valuable time from other staff.

All of this temperature data is being recorded, so if required, reports can be created for internal review or compliance.

Energy Cost Management

There is a lot of focus today on being green, which often translates initially to energy efficiency. Most HVAC and other building systems have monitoring points or relay systems that are activated when requiring maintenance. While they may also have a supervisory and control system it might be standalone or require other costly components for monitoring. Ideally a single system which alerts when required would be simpler for staff. SARA can be set up to monitor these systems as well.

Proactive Monitoring

While Status Solution’s SARA can be set up to alert when a major incident has occurred it can also deliver proactive alerts such as reminders to carry out a preventive maintenance task, check on a device or even to replace filters, batteries, bulbs and more.

The system can be used to create an schedule of common tasks so they are never forgotten. Especially if it includes a third party or outside agency, Status Solution’s SARA can be used to automatically notify and verify they have been to perform the work.

Monitoring and Alerting Integration

Creating plans on how to react in certain situations reduces the time to react and implement the plan. Any plan needs to leverage more than one communications medium to notify and escalate. Again SARA can provide a solution as it can monitor numerous sensor inputs and can integrate with multiple communications media such as text, email, phone. SARA can act as the central, escalation and mass notification tool for all the other systems that do not have that capacity. This could include:

  • Building management systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Power generators
  • Boilers
  • Equipment monitors
  • Freezer/temperature monitors
  • Smoke/flame detectors
  • Moisture/humidity detectors

Wireless, Not WIFI

Status Solutions can install anywhere as it uses a wireless MESH system to manage alerts.

Status Solutions uses a series of wireless repeaters that simply require AC power and can cover vast distances. This means a Status Solutions system can fit into any environment, quickly, simply and cost effectively.

Wireless MESH is not Wifi. So it does not require expensive WiFi access points, does not suffer from Wifi interference and does not load or require upgrades to your data network.

A Wireless MESH solution allows Status Solutions to pinpoint the exact location of mobile duress buttons

Detailed Reporting

Detailed reporting means that organizations can both improve adherence to life safety and security plans, provide proof that actions took place at the specific time.

For public sector organizations Status Solutions provides complete reporting of every alert, the time the alert was received and acknowledged and the time the alert was resolved.

Full Integration

Status Solutions can integrate into a complete range of existing safety systems control panels and sensors such as:

  • Access Control
  • Security Panels
  • Fire Panels
  • Motion detectors
  • Audio Sensors
  • Glass-break detectors
  • Security Cameras
  • Building management systems
  • HVAC
  • Boilers
  • Pools/Spas
  • Fridge/Freezer temperature monitors
  • Moisture/Humidity Detectors

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