What is Managed Voice?

Unity Managed Voice is a suite of 5 ‘a la carte’ services designed to take over the mundane, time consuming yet essential tasks needed to keep your communications systems running optimally.

Each organization has a different challenge:

  • Shortage of IT staff
  • Lack of skills on voice systems
  • Need to focus on more strategic activities
  • Tasks required outside of business hours that stretch staff

Unity’s Managed Voice service allows you to choose the areas you need help. Whether it is a lack of resources, skill or time.

As Unity specializes in supporting voice communications – TDM or VoIP, our suite of Voice Managed Services are the ones most often requested by our customers. These services are offered on a monthly fee basis, making them a predictable, budget friendly expense.

Managed Voice Suite of Services

Carrier Management

Carriers (Telcos) are not the easiest of organizations to deal with and working with them can become time consuming and challenging. When your staff have many other tasks to take care of it can be frustrating attempting to get a resolution. Most Carriers do not take responsibility for their problems unless working with skilled specialists.

Unity’s Carrier management service offloads this tortuous work by acting as your prime. We provide a single point of contact to initiate diagnostics, escalate and track through to a resolution. In addition we will provide an audit of existing services to uncover possible savings and offer alternative (non-biased) recommendations.

This service can apply to traditional PSTN (TDM) services as well as SIP services and is offered on a monthly fee basis.

Patch Management

The most overlooked task for voice systems and the cause for so many ‘unexpected’ outages. Patch Management provides a proactive, preventive approach to ensuring voice applications continue running. Patch management ensures that any manufacturer provided fixes for bugs, security threats and even minor feature updates are properly assessed before application – then applied.

Support for problems requiring Tier 3 support are dramatically improved. No longer are resolutions delayed while Tier 3 technical support wait for patches to be applied to ensure they are working with a known baseline and on a new problem and not one that has been previously resolved.

Finally, Unity’s patch management service includes a twice yearly audit of your complete voice platform – essential for your companies disaster recovery plans, ensuring items are not left overlooked for an extended time.

Remote Monitoring

Voice communication platforms run continuously and rarely fail but when they do the results can be dramatic. Often it is their past reliability that is the reason monitoring and management has been overlooked. Proactive monitoring would solve this challenge. Even systems that do not have built in remote alarming can be set up for remote monitoring and supported with the right tools.

Unity’s Remote Monitoring service offers remote monitoring options dependent on the system manufacturer and model. We can support Avaya, Mitel, ShoreTel, Panasonic and other systems on request. For more complex implementations this can include all ancillary systems providing services like voice messaging, conferencing, contact centre, session border control and other applications.

Not only does this service provide real-time alerting based on priority but alarm triage and tracking.

This service is offered on a monthly fee or subscription service depending on system model and options selected.

Voice System Backup

Surprisingly, while other servers and business applications are part of an overall disaster recovery or business continuity program, the voice systems are not. Even more so when one considers your communications systems are key to most effective handling emergency or disaster situations. With the complexity of modern communications platforms a system failure which is not resolved quickly, without quality system backups, can cause customers to be without effective communications for an extended time. Not only does this cause severe disruption to services but becomes expensive to manually re-configure the entire system.

The main reason for this situation is that each manufacturer has produced so many system models based on custom appliances and servers that a standard backup approach cannot be applied.

As voice communications experts, Unity has developed a proactive, monthly backup service. Simplified, secure, off-site storage.

This service includes backup restoration when required and is offered on a monthly fee basis.

Managed MACD

Moves, Adds, Changes and Deletes to your voice communication system can be time consuming for IT staff, especially as the resources that once managed these systems age-out. Many of those changes can be made remotely and much more efficiently by a team that specializes in voice communications than your staff. Offloading that team for more strategic work.

Leverage our manufacturer certified technical resources to perform MACD work, provide end-users faster response with a predictable SLA. Unity Remote Managed MACD is scalable with the capacity to handle MACDs of any size.

Access unlimited remote MACDs as part of fixed monthly rate.

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