Unity Connected Solutions is proud to have been selected as a ShoreTel 2015 Circle of Excellence Winner.

The Circle of Excellence Award recognizes, among other things, a proficiency in designing and installing advanced applications with the highest quality of customer service.

ShoreTel and the Circle of Excellence

Part of our core mission is finding the best possible solutions for our customers communications challenges by selecting quality manufacturers and training our staff to ensure they fully understand how to design, sell, install and support those solutions. At the highest level.

It is a significant investment on our part, but done so that we can provide the highest quality solution for our customers. We feel that this ShoreTel award is the best possible recognition of those efforts.

“Being named to the Circle of Excellence is the highest accolade ShoreTel partners can receive and each year less than one-half of one percent of all partners earn this distinction,” said David Petts, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales at ShoreTel.”

Unity Connected Solutions

Being a Partner that is in the list of one-half of one percent of all ShoreTel partners shows that Unity Connected Solutions is serious about surpassing the strict criteria ShoreTel uses to select Circle of Excellence winners.

We are most proud of the fact that one of key criteria is customer satisfaction. We believe this is a direct reflection of our values. The tremendous expertise our team has and our dedication to continuing to develop and train as technologies evolve.

Unity continues to look for innovative solutions that cost effectively solve problems, and ShoreTel solutions are a key element in our portfolio. ShoreTel’s most recent release – ShoreTel Connect – provides even greater unified communications and collaboration capabilities – an incredibly complete solution, with the ease and elegance one identifies with ShoreTel’s mantra of being brilliantly simple.

We look forward to providing ShoreTel solutions to many more customers and supporting our existing customers at the highest level possible.

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