Oakville Office

Unity Connected Solutions, Oakville, Ontario

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1121 Invicta Dr – Unit 1
Oakville, ON, Canada
L6H 2R2
905-952-2477 Fax

Unity Connected Solutions offers and supports complete communications solutions across Oakville, Ontario from leading communication brands including Avaya, Cisco, Shoretel, Nortel, Panasonic and more. See our complete list of business communications solutions below:


Locations Served

  • Mississauga, Ontario
  • Burlington, Ontario
  • Milton, Ontario
  • Etobicoke, Ontario
  • Hamilton, Ontario
  • Brampton, Ontario
  • Grimsby, Ontario
  • Georgetown, Ontario
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Acton, Ontario
  • Beamsville, Ontario
  • Smithville, Ontario
  • Vaughan, Ontario
  • Erin, Ontario
  • Guelph, Ontario

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