Anytime, Anywhere Collaboration

Probably the reason most companies upgrade to a Unified Communications solution is to provide enhanced productivity, especially with more employees being mobile than ever before; working from home, the road or on a customer’s site. Tools that allow colleagues to quickly get in touch with each other, collaborate and solve problems, no matter where they are located, are critical to the new world of work.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Businesses that can effectively support teleworking offer improved work-life balance, improve employee attraction and retention, reduce occupancy costs, increase company agility, enhance client service and support all while being more ecologically friendly.

Consistent, Unified Experience

Not only can a Hosted IP Office better support mobile employees but it can support a company that has a variety of offices of varying sizes – with a single, consistent experience for employees and customers alike.

A single Hosted IP Office would provide a seamless appearance to every employee with a single, common dial plan and the ability to offer the same telephones, features and capabilities. No longer will different types of systems, with different vintages of software be required at each location. It won’t matter if some of the sites are very small. They can all be accommodated.

Budget Friendly

Wouldn’t it be great to have a single, consistent monthly bill that covers pretty much all your telecom services? Well, not only can you get all the advanced capabilities of Avaya IP Office, but with Hosted IP Office you can pay for it all on a simple monthly bill.

That monthly fee includes the lines or trunks connected at the host, and 500 pooled1 minutes of North American Long Distance per user or seat. The only upfront costs would be for the new phones you may need. The only choice you have to make is how many licenses (user) are a standard Telephony User and how many are UC Users.

1Each user has 500 minutes of LD per month (In and Out) but all minutes are pooled across company.

Scalable and Flexible

With a cloud or hosted solution it becomes simpler to scale up – adding users – or scaling out – to other locations. Each Hosted IP Office can support up to 3,000 users across 32 locations, enough to cover most business needs. Even larger customers can be supported by connecting multiple Hosted IP Office.

Unlike a traditional system where scaling up or down means adding or stranding investments in equipment, Hosted IP Office is based on a monthly, recurring fee per seat or user. New users can be added quickly and no equipment is wasted.

Secure and Reliable

Telephone systems are known for their reliability and longevity. So it is normal you would ask about the reliability of a cloud system. To ensure peace of mind, your Hosted IP Office is housed in a Tier 3, fully redundant and fault tolerant Data Centre based in Montreal (Vancouver to follow soon.)

The technology uses hardware based ingress and egress protection, scalable firewalls, redundant session border controllers (SBC), redundant storage area networks (SAN) and quadruple redundant SIP Carriers. The Data Centre itself has redundant power protection with 10 day standby, which includes server cooling.

Let’s face it; this exceeds the reliability of all but the largest businesses.

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