Hosted IP Office adoption increasing There are many businesses considering their next steps when it comes to replacing their old phone system. This may seem daunting for a number of reasons: The current system is so old, technology has skipped a generations Those with experience in selecting the last system are no longer around The […]

Why did Toshiba close its Telecommunications System Division? The recent announcement by Toshiba that it is shutting down its Telecommunications System Division took customers and dealers by surprise. But should it have been such a surprise? Toshiba not keeping up with technological change In our view, probably not. Technology goes through what John Chambers, the […]

Toshiba Buy Back program On March 21st, Toshiba dealers received notification that Toshiba was winding down their Telecommunications Systems Division (TSD). Neither Toshiba customers nor dealers were expecting this surprise announcement. Toshiba customers left in limbo As a result, many Toshiba customers will be left in limbo as they search for a replacement with the […]

A lot of businesses are using cloud based applications today because of all the great advantages they bring. But cloud based unified communications is still a little embryonic. So decided to delved a little deeper into why would this be. Well, in my humble opinion it’s because many of the current cloud based unified communications […]


It’s important that all companies have a protocol in place that notifies the proper groups or individuals during an emergency or urgent situation. For organizations such as schools, retirement communities, or nursing homes, the need for a protocol can be critical. The responsibility these organizations carry is more pronounced, as they typically manage and care […]

Network Assessment

Technology is advancing quickly. Keeping up with innovation means your business must take steps to understand how a specific technology works and if or how that technology can benefit your company’s operations. These factors are equally as consistent within the communication industry. With business being more global than ever and digital becoming more and more […]

Cloud has sunny outlook

Technology companies certainly don’t help themselves by using arcane jargon, such as SIP or LTE to describe capabilities or confusing generic terms such as Cloud. There is nothing worse than hearing a term being used over and over again in the media on the web and not knowing what it means. So we’ll briefly cover […]

Toronto - Pan Am Games 2015

The Toronto 2015 Pan Am games has kicked off with a bang with the Canada team jumping into a healthy lead in the medal standings. But the big winner has to be the organization of these games, proving that Toronto and the GTA can host such a massive event. And those events rely on volunteers. […]

So many choices

We created a handy guide – a roadmap – for customers who are taking another look at their current telephone system and deciding if it needs to be updated.Given that we don’t make these decisions very often – we have seen customers with systems that are nearly 20 years old it can be a challenge […]

Cloud and Mortar

In a recent and very energetic presentation, Scott Galloway, Clinical Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern, gave his view on major businesses he thought were the digital winners and losers after examining thousands of data points. One of the ‘losers’ was Amazon. Surprised? Well this was mainly because Amazon is a single channel retailer and […]